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  1. Personally I do ask for the lease upfront before appointing solicitors, because it ultimately affects the value of the flat and how much I am willing to pay - plus why waste money on solicitors if the lease contains onerous terms which means you would have offered less/pulled out anyway? Having said that, I haven't bought a flat in 7 years (though I've looked at a few) since freeholders see leaseholders as cash cows and deals are rarely good enough to justify buying leasehold. I think it would be unusual to get the unexpired lease length wrong - what I have found though are things like n
  2. Hi Adam Welcome! I assume this is a house which used to be your main residence and you will end up living there again? Something you may not have considered, noting I am not a tax advisor, but your primary residence is free of capital gains tax (currently) when you sell. Renting part of your primary residence out in some instances I believe could change the tax treatment of your home when you sell, so something you should definitely seek advice on as the last thing you want is to inadvertently trigger a CGT liability where there was none. Having said that, you don't say how mu
  3. Hi Apprentice There are a lot of factors here to consider, but in short, you're not missing much, though you have also not taken into account how you plan to extract the cash from the Ltd company once you have exhausted your £2k dividend allowance, as you'll be paying a further 32.5% tax on dividends as a higher rate taxpayer. Paying yourself a salary etc is fraught with its own problems like national insurance. The ltd company seems to work for larger portfolios of higher yielding properties (unlike your target property) and where profits are reinvested in the business. There are s
  4. I pretty much follow exactly the same strategy as acrefree sets out in the first paragraph above. Happy tenants often = happy LL; in general, the last thing you need is trying to squeeze an extra £25-£50 a month leading to a void period plus often decorating and potentially tenant find fees if you use an agent which more than wipes out any increase in rent. With good tenants, I often don't even increase the rent for the first 3 years because the costs I just outlined often outweigh any benefit from the increase - plus good tenants who pay on time and respect my property are worth more to me th
  5. Interesting, please do post a link when you're done. Good luck with it!
  6. Mate, I took the survey, but I'm unclear how your questions provide much insight around the factors that influence house prices. Ofsted rating of schools for example will influence current prices, not neccessarily the future trajectory of prices - unless of course the rating of the school changes which creates additional demand in the area. The BOE study linked below demonstrates that the majority of the price increase in housing over the past few decades (nationally) has been due to the decline in real interest rates over this period. You should find their house price model quite inform
  7. Yes, and at the same time, corporation tax could be increasing, potentially by as much as 6% to 25%... all those investing through companies are going to be hit by this if it comes about. I haven't seen anything on capital gains tax rises yet - really hoping they don't go too far on this!
  8. Hi Marc Simple question perhaps, you state in (3) that "the property is in a postcode that has had 7 sales in 12 years, so there no real comparables". How have you then come up with your rather precise £149k valuation? What was the last sale in the post code (and how does it compare) and what did the vendor pay for the property 2 years ago? Note that new build properties do sometimes tend to dip in value once they are no longer new but agree the £110k purchase price sounds like a steep discount nonetheless. You'll need to provide some further detail on this one (and you'll no doubt need t
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