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  1. Hi TJ, I posted my questions here Actually I think I will need to find an accountant to help me on that. I heard in the podcast the property hub have them. 'll probably go with them.
  2. Hi, I have always been interested in property investment and I finally manage to get to a point where I can do it. I am here in hope to find answers to some of my questions before I can close my first operation.
  3. Hi I have been thinking for a while in getting into property investment. I have some money to do it now, but I also know of some small investors in my birth country (European) that could be interested in inverting or even giving me a loan for it. I am not quite sure what are the considerations to take in account here, some of my worries here. - What should I do to not get in trouble when moving that money from overseas to UK - Should I create a limited company to manage that? Should investors have some shares in it? - I imagine that in UK a property can have multiple owners too, right? - I'd like to get professional legal advice, I have been looking for lawyers around Bristol area. Any recommendation?