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  1. Just wanna say hello to the community and show who I am with the intention of getting to know some of you guys. I believe one of my weakest traits is networking and so far I've been working mostly on my own. ME So I am Jay and think I've got one of the coolest jobs in the world, I am constantly on the go around the world, diving, parachuting, driving fast vehicles and competing. In no rush to interrupt any of this, but my previous life of an electrician feels incomplete and I keep gravitating back towards property. PORTFOLIO I own 4 properties and am
  2. Cheers Tony, it turns out the broker is very friendly and a great guide. Hopefully see the property on my books soon.
  3. Thankyou Ana ive submitted accounts to the broker im working with so hopefully they will not come back with anything opposing the deal.
  4. Evening all Im looking to make some new contacts in the letting agents world. Ive got someone in the role but im hoping to get to know other agents who may have good contacts in the trades. Earlier this year I had some very bad work done which caused me to loose confidence in the agents recommended trades men. If anyone can share or discuss a contact id appreciate the help. Jay
  5. Greg Nottingham is a great place to live, I did a few years up there and now have 2 properties left there which have not struggled to let out. The good thing about Notts is the City isnt that big and its very easy to get in and out on the tram. I really like NG7 and there is alot of flats around the forest tram stop which feed nicely into the city. What I noticed is its big on students around the Arboretum, Lenton, Forest recreation area and alot of students stay after Uni and make a life in Notts. Why have you chose Nottingham? The council are enforcing the landlord licence w
  6. You raise a good point nick ‘10 year old proces today’ sounds alright to me too. Im sure you cant go too far wrong getting something relatively cheap generating good cash flow
  7. Evening all Ive been offered a holiday let which im keen on taking, it requires more capital than ive got so im considering using a personal loan towards the deposit. Ill take a loan of £25,000 combined with £17,000 re mortgage funds from another property. Does anybody know if this is going to raise any problems with either the brokers or lenders? Thanks Jay
  8. Dean im not that experienced but am on my 2nd via LTD coy, what ive found is that everything is more unfortunately. I bought a holiday let which may be different to single let, for a £60,000 loan I had £1200 fee put ontop of the loan and my valuation fees were £455! Mortgages for business were the brokers, theyve been really good so id recommend them. Im hoping these fees are just entry costs and when im more established ill be open to more lenders and competatove rates. jay
  9. Go for it Dave we’re all keen to hear others stories. Ive got so many questions I’d like to ask about that experience you had, hope your happy to share more jay
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