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  1. This looks really interesting Simon - is this aimed more towards self managing land lords?
  2. Hi All, I had a question in regards to the 18 year property cycle and remortgaging. What is the best approach when it comes to fixed terms on the BTL mortgages and avoiding negative equity if you are building a portfolio and refinancing at the end of each fixed term to take advantage of capital growth? Would it be wise to offset your fixed terms between properties to try and lower your risk to hitting negative equity if prices drop? I know Rob B mentions that you should use short term fixed mortgages instead of longer fixed term in order to take advantage of an interest r
  3. I 2nd on Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam - great book.
  4. Yeah I think you may be right - probably better not to dwell on it. After a bit of research it turns out it was a sole buyer for the whole top floor so a 5% discount is understandable like you say but some of the other flats were still below the advertised price. I bought mine off plan at a point where the foundations and framework were there but that was it.
  5. Hi All, I purchased my own 1 bed apartment earlier this year, I had originally offered £225k on the £240k list price of the new build apartment however this was declined on the basis that they don’t give discounts because the price isn’t inflated to do this and it’s high spec is taken into account. As well as this I was told (in writing) that they had “taken reservations at the advertised cost on all apartments”. All of this was fine with me so I completed at 240 however I’ve noticed on the land registry that the apartments above mine were sold with a 10% discount and the one next do
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