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  1. Hi Steve, I have lived in Brighton and moving back to my flat which I still own there next March, I have looked at investing in Brighton or surrounding areas, Brighton prices have rocketed over the last couple of years, so not much yield! I have looked briefly in the surrounding areas and Hassocks always seemed a good area to me, might eventually look to move there myself to purchase a house. How's the recent experience been for you with the new build, hopefully enough margin to make it worthwhile. Looking forward to hearing more Than
  2. Hi Luise, Hope you are keeping well, I hope the move to Wales went well, how are you getting on with the Meetup in Cardiff? Would be cool to hear about the 1 year mentorship programme you are doing with Susannah, keep us posted. all the best Joe
  3. John, I have been going through the same issue in extending the lease, this is for my mothers flat in London, she has 64 years remaining. I have looked at all different options and currently negotiating with the Freeholder to agree a fee for the extension. What are the value of your properties if they had a longer lease extension? 10k each for a lease extension sounds good to me, I am looking at 25k+ for mine. I would recommend you extending the lease ASAP, then keep them or if you sell at least you will get full market price for your property.
  4. Hi James, I take it this opportunity is in Brighton, I know Brighton well and lived there for 4 years, still have my place there and will be moving back end of March. I would be interested in the opportunity and know someone with experience who may be interested too. You can send me a private message and we can discuss further. Thanks. Joe
  5. Hi Toby, I am also looking to invest in Brighton & Hove, I lived there for a number of years and know the area well. Do you get any opportunities to source HMO deals? Thanks. Kind regards Joe
  6. Stuart, I would be interested in a JV partnership, I have funds to invest and ready to proceed. Please email me to discuss further. Thanks Joe
  7. Hi Keith, hope you are well, I have been looking at North West for value, started looking at Manchester and Liverpool. I have 80k cash available funds to invest, this would allow me to make more than one purchase using 25% down on a buy to let mortgage. I have no local knowledge which doesn't make it easy, I have done quite a bit of research in Manchester and see there is so much investment going into the city. Would be great to connect and hear your thoughts. Thanks. Kind regards Joe
  8. Keith, I am looking at the North West, would be cool to connect and see what you have to offer. Thanks. Regards Joe
  9. Hi all, Has anyone used The Buy2Let Shop sourcing company, if so would you recommend them? Thanks. Regards Joe
  10. Yes please will be great to see what options can be offered. Thanks Simon
  11. Hi all, Looking forward to the meetup on Thursday 28th May, we have 13 people confirmed so far and I am sure others will add to that number nearer the time. See you there. Kind regards Joe
  12. Hi Simon, That's great, I have the funds to buy it cash, however, don't want to tie down my money, happy to use a deposit and mortgage the rest. The property price is around 60,000 euros, capital repayment will be fine. Thanks. Kind regards Joe
  13. Hi all, Just to trying to find out how I can source a Mortgage on a property in Italy, which will be used as a holiday home, as well as renting it out to tourists. Thanks. Regards Joe
  14. Luise, surprised there not many Joe Di Fede on Facebook, I am the one holding a baby with green top and hat. Thanks.
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