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    BTL dabbler but now seriously planning for retirement (I'm in my early 50s).
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    BTL only so far but considering HMOs and serviced accommodation, though imminent regulation in Edinburgh/Scotland has put the latter on hold until the details are fully published and understood.
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    Work in the IT industry and dabble with some DIY but pretty hands-off when it comes to property development.
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    Planning to retire in next 5 to 10 years and am seeking to use property income to complement my pension.
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    Gardening, music and travel.

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  1. Hi Everyone. Couple of newbie questions: My partner and I are 49 and 52 respectively and are considering setting up a limited company for buy-to-lets. Given our age, will there be a restriction on the term for mortgages purchased under the business? Also, is there a standard mortgage term that folk use to do consistent ROI / yield calculations (e.g. 20, 25, ?? years)? Any and all feedback appreciated. Kind regards, John.
  2. Yeah, the additional dwelling supplement is a whopping 4% up here in Scotland!
  3. I've crunched the numbers again and am getting the same ROI figure as you @dino v for the £100k example so my initial calculations must have been flawed (oops!). Thanks for steering me right. Interestingly, net yield is just under 2% for this example, which increases to 4.6% with no mortgage. I guess this shows that ROI isn't the only figure to focus on, as @MWebster is indicating above (thanks), but I've not seen anything yet anywhere near 6% to 7% net yield and ROI of 20%. Regarding my existing BTL, I've double-checked and the net yield & ROI (in this case the same) are i
  4. Thanks all for your replies. @dino v Regarding my current BTL, yes, it's a flat with a high service charge and I've factored in maintenance too, which is quite pricey in Edinburgh. I lived there for a few years so renting it out seemed the right thing to do when I moved. I'll have another look at my calcs using the £100k example above and revert here. Thanks again, John.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum but have been a long-time-lurker. I live and work in Edinburgh and have one BTL, also in Edinburgh. The property is mortgage-free, cost around £240k incl. all fees and generates a gross rental of £950pcm. Once I deduct all expenses, that comes down to £633pcm. I therefore calculate gross yield at 4.7% and net yield (in this case, same as ROI as no mortgage) at 3.4%. My calculations are based on the following definitions: Gross yield = annual income divided by price Net yield = annual profit divided by price ROI = annual prof
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