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  1. I can understand where you're coming from and insurance is not a well trusted industry, for good reason in many cases. Insurers shouldn't ever try to avoid paying out where there is cover in place but I can't speak for them all and I'm aware that this has and does happen. In terms of fault and negligence let me at least clarify that a declinature wouldn't suggest either of those on your part, more that some things are not covered by insurance. In any case, that can be considered after the facts have been established. Good luck, hope the visit is productive. I look forward to heari
  2. Hi Ian, thanks for the note. Sorry to hear about your issue with the house. My first point would be that I can't recommend any ways to present your claim so as to qualify for financial assistance. The decision the insurer makes must be made based on the facts presented by the professional assessment, so the assessor' report in this instance should provide the information on the cause of the issue and then the insurer can see if that cause is covered. Although, depending on the qualifications of the assessor, it may need a more detailed and specialist report. I would d
  3. Hi all, I have over 15 years experience in insurance claims and would like to help anyone who is making or thinking they may need to make a claim. Hopefully no one ever has to claim but chances are some of us will, let me know if you could use any help Best wishes Andy
  4. Yeah that's what we though too. Looking forward to the hub meet up
  5. Hi Alexander, congrats on your purchase and thanks for your offer, all help is welcome. Currently looking a little outside Leeds council areas as that opens up the world of HMOs (Leeds is one of the few councils who kept the property category rules making it a requirement to gain approval for HMOs). Huddersfield looks like an option. Still saving though. Hopefully on track to do the first one this year
  6. Hi Andy. Not sure who Nick is my name should be easy to remember... Haha Would be great to have meet ups in Leeds. There's a Starbucks on Albion Street near the Trinity shopping centre that has a room upstairs we could use, they usually allow it to be booked for free and I think from memory it could hold 15-20 people. Will that be big enough?
  7. Crowd funding seems to be a growing way of investing smaller amounts of cash and spreading your risk. I'm still saving to get my first property investment so I haven't dabbled but I've got my eye on it for the future. At the moment, it seems you can invest in business or even property by paying in a nominal sum (usually a minimum applies) and owning a share of the business or property. If the business does well or the property increases in value, your initial investment is safe and growing, if a property is rented you get a proportional share of the rental income. Of course, the people putting
  8. Hi Tom, This website has some excellent resources available that I will be using when I'm in a position to make my first purchase. One that I have saved as a favourite is http://propertyinvestortoolkit.com . Hope this helps, good luck and keep us posted on your progress please
  9. Hi My name is Andy, I'm 35 and live in the centre of Leeds. A couple of my friends and I are saving together for our first investment property which we plan to purchase by the end of the year as a joint venture. As the money comes in (from our rat-race jobs) we are busy learning the ropes, trawling wbesites, reading articles and absorbing podcasts. It's been great fun so far and whilst the hard work is obviously to come we are very excited to get started and have all been looking at ways we can increase our savings to make the dream a reality sooner. We're very keen to join any network
  10. Hi Rob, I'd love to get "Beyond the Bricks" on audiobook if you have any codes left. Audios are such a godsend for me as I rarely get to sit and read anything these days so anything you've got on audio is brilliant. Keep up the good work with the podcasts, they are an amazing resource and such a great support too. Hope you're having a great time in the States too by the way. Thanks Andy
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