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    Currently a professional sportsman but looking to invest in property now for my retirement from sport.
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    Looking to invest now to make a full time I come for myself within the next 10 years.
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    Financial security, be my own boss and make something to be proud of!

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  1. Thanks for your reply ja rafter i intend to call your guy in the new year. I was wondering if you'd like to chat over email? i remember you gave me some advice about your portfolio last year as you invest in the holderness road area. Also have you attended the PIN meetings in Hull? I'm attending my first in January. my personal email is: greenligctlettings@gmail.com look forward to hearing from you. James.
  2. Hello all, my name is James and i am a new investor in Hull looking to build my team to begin my investment journey at the start of the new year. I am working through a limited company which i have just registered as i do not intend to touch my portfolios profits until retirement from work. i am new to the property investment networking circle but have booked my place on my local PIN meeting in Hull. But i am looking for any referrals on independent mortgage brokers and property specialist accounts in the local area. If you or anybody you know has used or are using any body they would
  3. Looking to build my team for first investment in Hull

  4. Hi Imason8, i saw your post yesterday regarding a LTD company and saw what you wrote about using a LTD company to keep rolling over profits to reinvest until retirement. Well i was wondering if you could help me out as you seem very knowledgable on the area. I play professional sport for a living so i find myself in the higher tax bracket and in the position where i wasn't to keep building my portfolio (without taking out profits to spend) until my retirement from sport. Would i be able t...

    1. lmason8


      Hello James - for some reason I can't read all of this message. It may be because I'm new to the forum and I believe there are some restrictions until I have had a couple of posts approved.

      Feel free to contact me on lmason_8@hotmail.co.uk and I can get back to you by email :)

  5. As a tax efficient method i intend to distribute my future portfolio between my wife and i this way keeping us both under the 40% tax bracket and therefore allowing us to offset more mortgage interest and also keep more rental income profit. However i was wondering if our circumstances were to change e.g. one of us began to earn more money with our day jobs and began to push the 40% tax bracket. How easy is it to transfer property from one to the other to keep us both under the 40% tax bracket and maintain efficiency?
  6. thank you for your replies guys. i have read iain wallis book 'how to legally avoid property taxes' which i found very useful, a must read for all investors! as i wish to be a hands off investor i am looking to employ an accountant for that reason. But is it worth the effort and the cost if i can do my own accounts and claim back expenditure etc easily?
  7. Reading many blogs, posts and journals and also listening to various podcast still hasn't really given me a definitive answer to the question "when do you need an accountant?" various sources have said "you only need one after purchasing your 5th property" yet some say "you need one from the outset" surely having an accountant from the beginning would be the best option, so that you are not losing out on any tax advantages on you whole portfolio? what i do know, going on with my portfolio is that i am going to use a property specialised accountant. if your going to pay for an acco
  8. I am new to investing and still waiting to start my journey. I am currently doing all the learning and research I can before taking the leap (whilst I build enough capital) my intention is to buy and hold forever as I see property as an asset and my pension. BUT my question is what is the most effective strategy? Do I take out interest only mortgages and keep refinancing over the years? Or do I take out interest and capital mortgages and work to pay off my debt with rental income? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  9. Hi mate I got your post on my topic in the forum. I'd love to speak more about how you started etc. my email is greenie88@hotmail.co.uk if you get more time to talk. Many thanks for your reply! James

  10. I have started building my mastermind team. I have built this using people I have been involved with when purchasing my own home and through recommendations from people in the property industry. I have a; Property source Solicitor Letting agent Broker maintenance team However I have yet to find a good/refered accountant. So I was wondering if anyone can refer an accountant in the hull area?
  11. I haven't heard of these before. But since reading your post I have looked into them and looking to book my place on the next one in April. Thank you very much for your advice!
  12. I am also looking for any advice or links to Info, or books on bridging loans and Interest only mortgages if any body knows of any? Cheers
  13. Thanks guys I appreciate your replies. I have almost caught up to date with the podcasts which I have found invaluable so thanks Robs! Keep up the good work! I have also just finished reading the 100 property investment tips and I am currently looking to start a new book can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks guys!
  14. Hello everyone I'm James from Hull. I am new to property investing and I am still waiting to start my journey. I have a few ideas of how I want to start my portfolio but am searching for any advice and tips I can get! I have recently bought and read the property hubs "100 property investment tips" but would like more advice on how to get started. My plan is to start cheap with a 25% buy-to-let mortgage. Buy BMV and renovate and remortgage. Take the equity and put that I to another property. Can anyone from Hull and surrounding areas give me any advice on how they started there journey?
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