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  1. Hi Ben, It's only small and start up however I am more than happy to share. Drop me an email hello@markswiftproperty.co.uk Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi Sam, I have lived in Sheffield all my life and will be looking to invest there once my house has sold (have a completion date set for next month, fingers crossed). I've done a very minor amount of research into 4 different post codes of Sheffield (S1, S3, S13, S20) around a month or so ago. I have all this on a spreadsheet - it's nothing fancy, not secret revealing, just helped me visual and gain a better understanding of areas. Happy to share with you if this will help? I don't keep the spreadsheet updated any more - like I say it was just there to help me gain that initial knowledge. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi Dan, I'm also going to begin house flipping once my current residential home is sold and I have a bit of cash to invest - I'll even be documenting my journey into it... exciting times! What I am personally doing, as a complete amateur and newbie to this, is putting some serious hours into scrutinising the listings on Rightmove, Zoopla, OTM and at my local estate agents. This is giving me a good idea of the genuine market value of certain areas and property types which will (hopefully) allow me to buy at a good price. Absolutely key to ensuring you are able to make a return. If you start doing similar, it should allow you to find those properties that aren't necessarily run down, but might just have 'old' decor. Those that could do with a fresh lick of paint and maybe a slight kitchen upgrade. Some of that work you could even do yourself to save even more money. Either way, by doing your research into what the genuine market value of properties is (and we're talking the type of property including decor you're going to buy and what it will be able to realistically sell for once it's been refurbished), this should give you a great starting point to ensure you buy at the right price. Hope this helps Mark
  4. Perfect, thanks for your advice Dino. I have began my search locally now - I understand what you mean about finding a good solicitor! Probably doesn't matter on the distance if they're good as they're hard to come by.
  5. Hi, thanks so much for your advice! The reasoning behind looking at an accounting course was more to help me understand when talking with my accountant rather than doing the work myself! Thank you, Mark
  6. Hi Vinny, I've not actually done research into rental yields into Sheffield but living here I know the competition is pretty huge, especially in the city centre with 2 universities. A lot of high rise developments have been going up for those. And the whole city centre seems to be on a revamp. However, the tram/train is now running to Rotherham - so I'm guessing there will be some good rental yields along that line. With the added bonus of Meadowhall that way as well. Further afield, you have some good areas out of town especially towards south east side, which has Crystal Peaks, another great shopping centre with good transport links with the bus and tram, although a lot smaller than Meadowhall. Pretty generic stuff, but I'd like to think (an educated guess) there's definitely a lot more options than a lot of cities. Mark
  7. Hi all, So I currently own a house in Nottingham but to begin my property investment career I'm selling to re-invest the money tied up (it was originally bought as my residential house). However, I live in Sheffield. So I was just wondering for the sale of the house - should I have solicitors in Sheffield or Nottingham? Or does it not really matter so long as I find good solicitors? I guess it's like remote investing apart from the 27 miles difference really isn't that much... Thank you! Hope you all have a great weekend! Mark
  8. Hi Derek, Open University has been saved in my bookmarks - I'd never actually taken a deep look into the courses but I'll be sure to check them out. Thank you very much. Mark
  9. Hi Sheryl, Thank you for your response - after speaking with various people and accountants I have decided that it wouldn't be beneficial for me at this stage. It's trying to find the happy-medium of knowing a little bit of everything! Thanks, Mark
  10. A house in Sheffield is on a hill? I never Sounds like you've found a nice little earner. Be sure to share the blog when you're all set up as I'd be very interested to read that (looking at setting up a blog/podcast myself soon). There seems to be have a nice little Sheffield group, as you'd expect. Maybe we could share knowledge going forward? I'm currently looking at my first deal, in the south east area (close to where I currently live). May even stretch to Chesterfield as that is on the line between Sheffield and London.
  11. Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply - really appreciate the feedback. I didn't actually point out in the opening post that I would, of course, have an experienced accountant on board, it was more just so I could understand much better the conversations I'd have with them. It's just whilst I have a little bit of time, how to best utilise this and what skills would really help me going forward. Thanks, Mark
  12. Hi everyone, I'm about to get started in the property investment business by flipping houses. I have a little bit of time before I seriously invest in this, so I was wondering whether it would be worth me looking at an accounting night school/online course just to increase my knowledge on finances? I'd be interested to hear everyone's thoughts and whether or not they've done anything like this before and whether it was worth it? Thank you, Mark
  13. Hi James, I'm new to the property investment life as well. Any particular reason you've chosen Sheffield? I've grown up and live in the city so interested to hear an outsiders view on us - sorry that I'm unable to recommend any third parties but I'd be intrigued to hear which route you chose and how that works out for you! Mark
  14. Hi all, Wanted to quickly introduce myself to the forum as I hope to be active on here and get to know a lot of you. My name is Mark, I’m 23 years old and currently work in sales and marketing. The past 2 years have been a bit of a rollercoaster, 2 years ago I was able to buy my first house (investment wasn’t even a thought at this point in my life). Sadly, I didn’t even have chance to move in. Since then it’s been 2 years of stress, but oddly though, it has introduced me to this world of property development and investment. So here goes nothing as I look to sell the house which will allow to begin my investment journey close to home. I’ve been reading and learning a lot over these past few months and want to go that next step so I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts on completing a night school/online accounting course, toincrease my knowledge in that area. Has anyone done one they can recommend? Or maybe not recommend? Look forward to speaking to you all! Mark
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