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  1. Just one opinion, I'm no expert, but for me my own home is not an asset. I see my own home as a liability as it is not bringing me income but will require on-going and periodic maintenance that costs me money. In contrast, My BTL provides me a bit of money every month, some which I save up for my on-going BTL maintenance fund. However, my home provides me a security that no one can ask me to move out in month's notice. So I like having both. If you are ever going to be in a situation where one of you cannot work full-time ie. due child care, looking after elderly parents BTL can be a nice pa
  2. Thank you for sharing your success story! Very innovative and inspiring. I particularly liked how you used Instagram. It would not have occured to me at all. //Maria
  3. I’m a newbie landloard and just let my first BTL. The property is let by a young family and both parents running their own independent businesses. They have been living in the property about 5 weeks now and seem to be looking after the house inside but have not cut the grass once since they moved in. I’ve supplied them with a brand new, good quality electric law mower. Garden is a very attractive space as it was landscaped and new turf was laid before they moved in. I believe it was one selling point for the family. Husband even noted how he is looking forward to cutting the gr
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