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  1. I highly recommend Open Rent, I rented two properties via them last summer and they will organise the tenancy agreement, deposit protection, referencing etc for a small fee. If you are going to go down the self managing route, I would also recommend joining the NLA. They have an advice line that I have used on several occasions - well worth the membership fee! Good Luck!
  2. I'll be there Chris. Look forward to meeting you @jane parsons and @razzoul I got started in property investment last year and chatting to people in same boat really helped, so would recommend popping along to any local investors. Holly
  3. Hi All, I've edited my post above as I was given incorrect information from Peterborough Council and I've just been sent a lovely £600 bill for my selective licence! Since been informed that you need to be accredited prior to Nov 2016. What a wonderful email that was to wake up to
  4. I used Open Rent recently for 2 properties. It was really easy to use, and both properties rented out within days. Would fully recommend.
  5. Hi Dil, @barny2015 alerted me to your post. I've just gone through this. I become an accredited member of the NLA so it only cost me £50. You can do a course in person to become accredited but I decided to go through the free NLA library and become accredited that way. You just read through the core subjects and answer a few multiply choice questions. It was rather time consuming but not difficult. In regards to applying for the licence, again this wasn't difficult - just had to answer a ton of questions regarding the property, the tenants and how I plan
  6. Hi everyone Hoping someone can give me some advice ...... I have just found tenants to move into my first BTL, two girls on a joint tenancy. They have gone through referencing, signed the contract electronically, paid deposits & first months rent etc. I have emailed them to arrange handing over the keys and going through the required paperwork including looking at the original passport for the right to rent check. They are coming from London to Peterborough, and one has advised that she won't be moving up until the following day. Which I have said is
  7. Hope the boiler gets sorted Chris!! Great to catch up and chat property with like minded folk - look forward to the next one. On another note I visited the house I am hoping to exchange on this week and there was water coming through the loft - got to laugh , I've asked for them to fix the leak or knock a few hundred off for me to sort out. Hopefully not a big deal!
  8. Looking forward to it, see you all this evening. Holly
  9. Either is good for me, although I suggest the first Monday of each month.
  10. Good idea Barry. Hope to see you all on the July meet up date. Holly
  11. Hi everyone, Apologies for the late reply, I've just got back from holiday too. @barny2015 Hope you had a great holiday, have you got your new property up and running now? I've exchanged on one, waiting for notice to complete - hopefully should complete mid June. The other is waiting for the tenant to be evicted. @alice clayton & @dawid m - We haven't managed a meet up in a while, but would be great to get another date in. Could anyone do next Thursday the 15th? Holly
  12. 2nd of May is good for me, I've put it in the diary. Anyone else??? How's the renovation going Chris? Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter weekend. Holly
  13. Hi Alice, We haven't finalised a date yet but trying to organised for the week beginning 1st of May. Looking forward to meeting you at our next meet up! Holly
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