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  1. Hi Everyone, Im really hoping some of you could share some opinions and advice for my situation and maybe tell me what you would do in my shoes. I currenlty live in a house worth £325K with a mortage outstanding of £225K I have found another property i would like to buy as my main residence which is £360K both properties are located in the south of england in hampshire so not the hottest location for capital growth but a good solid rental demand. After much head scratching i have boiled it down to 2 options: Option 1 Remortage my current property on
  2. Hi Guys, I have today started getting some management quotes from local estate agents and I'm finding it hard to get a base line to work from or negotiate down to, i think this is partly due the agents changing their fees after the shake up. i am in the south east of england (portsmouth to be precise) what should i be paying and do i need the bolt ons they are trying to sell me? example of one of the agents for fully managed service: Set up fee (find a Tennant 1 Bedroom) : £420 Inc Vat Referencing : £36 inc vat Register Deposit: £30 Inc Vat Manageme
  3. Thank you for your suggestions I spent the day today viewing places in different areas I have definitely decided against beeston and harehills. I saw some interesting off plan developments in southbank area in a place they called green quarter. I cant believe how buzzing the city centre is and I’m confident there is some major growth due over the coming years. I will I’ll have a look on the maps at the areas you have suggested so thank you for that.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have made the decision to travel up to Leeds next weekend to carry out some viewings on property up to about £110,000. Only have 1 day and i want to make the most of the trip to get a feel and understanding of what and where is good new for a B2L and i don't want to waste any time doing it. can anyone advise me on some particular B2L hotspots in Leeds that i should make sure i go and see? I am split between going for a 1 or 2 bed apartment or a 2 bed terraced house that needs some TLC. any advise would be really welcome.
  5. Hi James, I'm local to you (Waterlooville) and I'm actually traveling up to Leeds next weekend to try and get a feel for different locations via some property viewings. I am looking to make my first investment there so would be interested to see others comments on this thread.
  6. Hi Andy, thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post I really appreciate it. It’s great to hear from someone like yourself who has done it already and but the sounds of it not looked back. I suppose the concern for me is taking the time to build trust worthy relationships but like you say once I have one down the relationships will hopefully be easier to build. Do you usually buy property’s ready to go or have you ever brought and refurbed?
  7. Adiel, that is is a very eye opening response and has really got me thinking. Where about are your property’s based and is this a strategy you would recommend to a first time investor who is looking to build up to 4 property as fast as possible?
  8. Hi Rafael, cant really add much in way of help but just thought I would let you know I am in almost the identical situation to you looking for the same advice! Ill keep an an eye on this thread to see if anyone has some advice
  9. Hi Everyone, Im about to ask a question that i'm sure is posted on here on a daily basis but no matter how many pods i listen too or how many articles i read i find my head spinning and unable to make a decision.... maybe i'm suffering from analysis paralysis? The Facts: Im 25 and own my own house (with a mortgage) i have £35,000 ready to invest and could potentialy take some more equity out of my current home if i needed to about another £15K. I Live in Portsmouth and i know everyones stats and saying my area is probably the worst place to invest for capital growth right
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