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  1. Hi A couple want to rent our property but one of them has an IVA. Should this put me off renting to them? Thanks
  2. I use Natwest as it's free for 18 months. It also means you can use Free Agent for free which is nice. At the time we setup Starling didn't allow multiple account holders but I think they've just changed that.
  3. Do you mean mortgage brokers? I have an ltd and haven't had an issue getting mortgages on my two properties this year. Want the brokers details?
  4. The plan would be to BRR. It's a good area close to a thriving high street so it's actually a good opportunity to let even without much rennovation.
  5. I'm thinking about buying a house in a "Cemetery Road". It looks like it needs a little refurb but not a lot. It's currently on the market for 68k. It's a 3 bed terrace. 3 bed terraces in the next street are up to 190k. I can't think why there would be such a huge difference. So...do street names have a negative/positive effect on a properties price? Cheers Jon
  6. My brother and I set up a ltd to do this with 50% shares in it each. It's easy to do and keeps everything clean. It also means single accounts at year end rather than one for each ltd if you set up more. We haven't had any issues with mortgages either. One thing though...you will both have to sign personal guarantees for the mortgage even though it's in a ltd. It's a pain and there maybe ways to avoid it but we haven't found them yet. Probably because we haven't been putting down big deposits.
  7. I've seen this on a normal terrace house which is not a current BTL. The property looks fine and I've been to see it but what does the tag "Investment" mean when it's on a property listing on Zoopla? I can't find anything about it online. Cheers
  8. jonathan levy


    I believe the main areas that will see capital growth after the tolls were lifted are probably going to be east of Newport.
  9. Can you give some of the garage space to parking?
  10. Hi If a tenant moves in who is in receipt of DLA and the house currently fits their needs, do I as a landlord need to put in adaptations in future if their condition changes? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. There are two windows in the front so each room would have a window each. There would need to be a small alteration to the current 2nd bedroom to allow access to the new bedroom but it really shouldn't be much change. In terms of finance, the 2 bed is £125k and 3 beds on the street are between 175 and 190. The rent for a 3 bed is between £800-£950 pcm. It's less than a mile away from the city centre and is popular with professional and families. I also think it will be good for capital growth in the next 10 yrs. Although my main aim is cash flow and not growth. I wouldn't be looking to do a HMO as I think that is a hassle so my target will be families or professionals who want a little bit of space...i.e. two bedrooms and a storage space. Does that sound reasonable? Again, thanks for your time and replies.
  12. Hi I've found a property which needs a bit of a refurb but whilst looking at the floorplan I noticed the front bedroom is 18' by 11' which seems rather big. I'm thinking I could split this into two. I'd then have a 3 bed end terrace which should be worth a bit more. Does that sound like a sensible thing to do? Are there any issues I should be aware of if I do this? Thanks Jon
  13. I've seen this before but it was 3 months. I don't understand how you have any control over getting a tenant in though. Unless you put the rent to £0.
  14. Some great tips here everyone. A GTD tool I've been using for years is Facile Things. Really helped me get everything out of my brain. So much so that some days I feel a bit bored as everything is done!