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  1. Hey folks,As part of our home renovation, I'm planning to construct a gunite pool in our backyard. We have consulted with few companies for the gunite pool installation in Massachusetts, and impressed with almost everyone, except for the of cost of setup. I felt its too high for a normal gunite pool though I don't know the actual rates. But we don't have any luxurious requirements. Our backyard is of the size 30x40 feet, we only prefer a standard size pool with a typical depth of around 5.5-6.5 feet. I prefer gunite pool installation becuase I knew that these kind of pools last long, and I'm only interested in a long term investment. I will be going forward with this plan, only if I could find a budget service. I'd be happier if anyone can help me with the exact estimate cost. I can provide you with any further information on the requirements and model so that it would be easier for the cost estimation. If you know any experts who can help me with this, please pass this query to them. Furthermore, share your suggestions and ideas in the comments. Thank you.
  2. Yes, Lyam. My current home is built by my father and he has a home loan now it is up for renewal, and absolutely that makes me question whether I will be getting the best deal. Indeed, with interest rates hitting all-time lows in recent years, I guess refinancing can help to start saving. But I'm totally unaware of the pros and cons, but to reduce debt and of course, to take advantage of low -interest rates, I'm planning for home refinance in Ontario. I'm little confused about the closing costs of the loan, at the same time I'd be happy if I got a tax deduction on loan interest. My primary concern is to reduce the lows I had in recent years.
  3. I think you should specify your income or you don't say what you consider 'any non-property income'
  4. Hi just wondered if anyone can help me with this. I am going t renovate my home, how can I get the best mortgage rates?
  5. I'm planning to renovate my home. Can I receive a loan to do this? If so, are the criteria involved and procedures similar to a home mortgage? Also, are the interest rates the alike and is the tax strategy similar to for home loans?
  6. Wow..that is a great reply. you answered my query too..many thanks!!
  7. They are not bad if you have any other options!