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  1. Hi Hubbers, I was wondering if you could assist me. I am currently seeking a land sourcer to work with. I am a property investor with a small and growing portfolio and also work in construction. Within the next 6-9 months me and my new business partner will be seeking some land to build a couple of houses. We are seeking land that will fit anything from 1-6 houses, we are based in the Manchester area and would be looking to acquire land within a 30 min drive. This will be our first building project for ourselves but have lots of experience building for others. We also may be interested in a commercial conversion if it were available. If anyone can recommend a land sourcer or you yourself are interested in helping us source land, I’d like to hear from you. My email address is: jonnywelch@hotmail.co.uk Thanks in advance! Jonny
  2. Hi Hubbers, I am interested to know how much the property hub tax service is yearly. I know they offer a service to talk through your portfolio and advise the best options but as I am just starting out and I do extensive research anyway, I don't think it will be beneficial and besides, customer experience/ reviews are better than a sales pitch! I was wondering if anyone has used the service, I can imagine the service will be up there with the best out there, I would be interested to know the fees structure, is it yearly? Does it go off portfolio size, if so what are the brackets or is it per house etc, etc. I would love to get some feedback. Many Thanks!
  3. Hi Hubbers, I am just about to start the process of transferring one of my properties into my limited company. I have my mortgage in place so its just the legal side to sort out. My usual solicitor has advised they can not help me with both the sale and the purchase of this (even though technically or not technically rather, I'm purchasing from myself). It looks like this may cost me more, the quote is £425+VAT +£60 in other fees. Then there will be the selling fees and possibly search fees (even though I only bought this property earlier this year and had all searches carried out). Has anyone else been through this or had any advise? I was advised at a meet up that a certain solicitor could do the full transfer for £600 but didn't get contact details as I was sure my solicitor was fairly priced. I would love to hear if anyone has been through this or knows someone who can shed more light on the subject. Many Thanks!
  4. Hello hubbers, I have been discussing the possibility of transferring property from my personal name into my newly set up limited company with a tax adviser. I can remortgage the properties under the new limited company without the need of a deposit by using a directors loan. I will have early repayment fees, solicitors fees and capital gains tax (which can be mitigated with what I have spent and what the market value is now taking into consideration the yearly CGT allowance). The one thing I am cautious about is, apparently I can avoid stamp duty by transferring the beneficial ownership to the company leaving the legal ownership in my name, therefore the company would be in charge of all finances and associated taxes. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this? I am happy to go ahead but just don't want to be stung further down the line with a SDLT bill after paying a fee for this niche service. Many thanks,
  5. Hi all, I have just set my limited company SPV and am purchasing my first property through it. I have been searching for a property accountant but not had much luck. I was an accountant that specialises in and property tax and ideally is an investor themselves. Can anyone reccomend any in the Manchester area who are fairly priced and competent? Thanks in Advance!! Jonny