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  1. Hi there, In 2014 we bought our first house useing help to buy scheme, in march this year we did remortgage our house so after 5 years so its mean that now we gonna have to pay interest fee which is gonna increse every Year on help to buy scheme, but so far we did not get any info about it, we actually can not find any info about our help to buy scheme in Our documents so its mean we never got any, our broker said that we should not get in touch with them so maybe we are gonna be lucky and they will forget about US?? It this True?? What we should do? I do not want to get a Bill after few years with some crazy amount to pay, and we are actually thinking to take some equity after 2 years and so far I know to do it help to buy scheme should be paid off first? Any advice will be appreciated Thanks
  2. Hi guys just wondering if I would like to rent a house with adopted attic with no documentation is there any restrictions? It is actually storage room.
  3. Hi guys just wondering if I would like to rent a house with adopted attic with no documentation is there any restrictions? It is actually storage room.
  4. Another question, if my wife and I buying properties as a joint ownership are we sole traders?
  5. That what I thought but what if my agency income will be less then 1000? so I do not need to declare any tax?
  6. Hi there, I am thinking to set up limited company to managing my own portfolio, to avoid more taxes, so can I actually do it? so can I pay myself for managing and then deduct it what I pay my agency from my portfolio income? is it right? do I need to hire anyone or I can manage myself or even hire my wife? so I can pay myself for working from home? hope you know what I mean I do not want to buy my properties through the limited company just managing, I am basic tax payer right now and my wife and I will buy our properties as joint ownership.
  7. Luckly we sort it out with our Council, we spoke to very nice assistant and she was very helpful, so we only paid 112 and the rest tenants will pay
  8. Even if I do not own limited company? just as an individual? what about spending time to educate myself about investents in properies and using my time to contact my tenants, buying, etc? can I claim that as a working from home? thanks
  9. Hi there, Bought my btl house on 14th of December and phoned the local council to update all details and recently got a bill to pay which is way too much I believe, monthly payment for the house is 130 and the house will be unoccupied till February and the bill is 350 with 50% off because is unoccupied?? How they counted it?? Any idea?? I owned the house only for 39 days so why such a big bill. Thanks
  10. Hi can anyone tell me how this lock is called because I need one and can not find it anywhere. Thanks
  11. Hi there Can somebody explain the process of taking equity after 6 months, if I added value to the house what I should do and how to do it. Taking picture before and after its enough? If I have a tenant do I need their permission do to valuation? thanks
  12. Hi there Are the tools i bought to do all repairs are Allowable Expenses ?? And all the other home essentials like changing bulps and lights? thanks
  13. Hi Ashforbes Im based in dundee and if you wanna jump in to the properties just do not wait anymore, if you think the flat is in good area and have all fundaments then go for it, I belive Scotland is very good place to invest in properties right now and Aberdeen alway was.
  14. Hi Linda, If you wanna start you need knowledge so I would suggest read some books and listen to podcats (I think the best and fastest way is listen to property hub podcasts and do it from first episode) Then you need to find good broker so you can set up your strategy and goals. best regards
  15. Thanks guys for your advise, I think I will try open rent, I never heard about them so good that someone else had some experience with them.