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  1. Hi. I'm looking for buildings insurance cover for a large victorian house which has 3 flats in it - some rented some not. All owners have a share of the freehold. Flats all have separate entrances. Our policy is with Gallagher at the moment, but I'm keen to shop around and see if we can improve on it. Do you have any recommendations for a reputable, reliable building insurers that price sensibly? I'd love to hear. Thanks in advance,
  2. My feeling is that it's important to stand-out from the crowd in the inner-city buy to let market at the moment with outside space also being pretty important too. If you have a favourite developer or development I'd love to hear about it. I have have budget of £200k+ and am looking in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds (perhaps Sheffield too) I'm looking for quality and keen to avoid run-of-the mill blocks & 'average' developers. Suggestions gratefully received.
  3. Just wondering what views people have on how Covid will affect the desirability of inner city flats in towns like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. It's clear that many people are, and will probably continue to work from home. A second wave also seems possible. Will renters will be looking for better lock-down locations and/or flats with outside space? Universities aren't operating as they were so there are fewer foreign (and UK) students, business travel is down & restrictions on bars and clubs make cities a bit less fun than they used to be. I'm a property sourcer and feel
  4. Hi Marc, Your mortgage sounds good. Can I ask who you're with & what deal you're on?
  5. I find houses for clients and have been focusing on Stockport for them lately. Lots of investment going on, overhaul of the town centre, new roads, Manchester airport expansion project, on the mainline to London, a stones throw from Manchester etc etc. I'm keen on the mid terrace model. i.e. 2 up, 2 downs. They rent really easily, no management fees, relatively easy to maintain, solid and durable. They're also popular when an area gentrifies. You'll pay £150k for a nice one near Stockport station which is toppy for the general area actually but that's because it's very likely those
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