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  1. Thanks for all the advice everyone! It seems it's ok to charge for your own cleaning time in Scotland from reading Safe Deposit Scotland guidelines. They do advise to get a company to do it so it's easier to prove the charges. I've been communicating with the tenants at all times, I ended up telling them I was going to deduct £120 for disposing of their stuff and cleaning the mattress which they also left in really poor condition after not using the mattress protector provided. They accepted straight away, possibly because of the photos and the detailed inventory I sent them which s
  2. Hi everyone! Our tenants left the property a few days ago and moved to another country. I did a quick check the day after they left and let them know I was going to have to deduct cleaning costs from their deposit since the property was left pretty dirty and mentioned they left too many things behind and I'll have to charge for that too. They agreed on that and they were ok with me binning all their stuff. I went today to clear all their things and it was a lot more than I originally thought. It took me 3-4 hours to get everything in bags (absolutely disgusting too, used underwear,
  3. If it was so difficult for you to find a lender for a property above a pub (I've tried in the past with no luck) it could be very difficult to sell it in the future if you have to.
  4. Hi, I've done this. My partner and I are both IT contractors and we created a SPV and passed the money through a loan from our Ltds. We didn't have any problems with the lender (Kensington), we had to show them our Ltds bank statements for them and the solicitors to track the money. Our accountants didn't have any problems with it either. We got someone to write the loan agreement for us, recommended by another person who's done this before. I can give you his details, feel free to PM me if I can help you with any questions. Sorry I misread your post! And I can't find how to delete my repl
  5. Thanks for the input Steve, it's been very helpful. I assume you bought with cash? I was hoping to get a mortgage for the purchase but banks don't seem to be lending much due to covid. So I guess I'll have to find alternative financing or a very very cheap property!
  6. I'd be really interested on a meetup in Scotland!
  7. Hi Steve, Did you end up buying that property in Spain? I'd be interesting to know about your experience since I'm trying to do the same in the next few months. Thanks!
  8. Hi David, I'm interested in buying property in Spain. I'm actually from Seville but my interest on property started after I moved to the UK so I'm kind of lost with the process to buy there. Did you buy through a company or as a individual? Is it feasible to get a mortgage without living there? Thanks!
  9. I asked the same question to my accountant recently. He recommended against it, he said I'd have to charge VAT to tenants if I wanted to be VAT registered.
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