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  1. jasonofoz

    Aussie ex-pat in London

    Hey fellow Aussies, For those of you who own rental properties in the UK, as you may be aware, claiming interest as a tax deduction is reducing with each year (currently only 75% of interest can be deducted in 2017/18 tax year). I'm pretty sure that interest is 100% tax deductible down under, so was wondering why don't I pay tax on UK rental properties down under? Also, since I live in the UK as a high PAYE earner, wouldn't it make sense for me to transfer all property profits back home, where my earnings are minimal - plus I could take advantage of the tax free allowance in both countries. Well that's the theory that sounds too good to be true, so what am I missing here?
  2. jasonofoz

    Thinking Bigger

    Hi @richard turley Just wondering if you kept you property in Sydney. I'm like you with property in both cities but was wondering if it was time to sell up down there and reinvest here. Be great to get your thoughts.
  3. jasonofoz

    Aussie ex-pat in London

    Hi Everyone, Another Aussie expat here. Been living in the UK for 18yrs. We own a investment property in Sydney and a couple in London. Thinking about selling the one in Sydney and investing it over here (but may have chosen the wrong time) Yeild was never great down under thanks to negative gearing but capital growth has been OK. Every 6months, we still have to send cash home to prop up the investment so we were thinking enough is enough. Been trying to work out whether it is worth selling up and reinvesting here and am struggling to do the maths. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks.
  4. jasonofoz

    Leeds Based NEW Property Investors

    Hi @scott gilbert, Sorry for the late reply. Just wondering if you still have the properties in Sydney? Seems the market over there has taken a bit of a tumble, so it would be great to get your thoughts...
  5. jasonofoz

    Episode 69: The 18 Year Property Cycle

    Hi @DerekT, Thanks for your post. Do you know when Rob mentioned the property downturn in Oz? Seems to be happening now. Cheers, J.