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  1. I've had architect plans drawn up for an extension to my 1930s bungalow in Edinburgh, the plans for the extension are fine but there is poorly planned previous loft conversion upstairs that could potentially be rectified whilst the single-story extension is built on the ground floor. To cut a long story short, the architect assured me that the cost of replacing the roof and reconfiguring the rooms upstairs would be relatively cheap...... Turns out the builder’s tenders did not agree with that assertion and subsequently made the project financially unviable meaning that despite having plan
  2. Hi Julia, many thanks for your response. The reason I would look to remove the items would be to e-use them to help stage when marketing other properties in the future.
  3. I own an HMO property in the centre of Edinburgh that will be vacant for the first time in 13 years and I'm looking to do a complete refresh before getting new tenants in and was wondering if anyone with recent HMO experience could opine on a few queries I have relating to the refresh, items to provide for a tenant and also staging? Firstly, are you aware of any resources that describe what tenants are expecting these days from a high-end city centre rental? - My target market is young professionals and older students. My current thinking is to re-paint all rooms and fit a new bathro
  4. Can anyone recommend a good builder that would work in Edinburgh? - I'm doing a fairly extensive extension and renovation and would appreciate it if anyone had any recent positive experiences?
  5. Many thanks for your response on this; I wasn't aware that lenders would frown upon a limited company after it had changed it's SIC Code, my IT consultancy has been running for around 20 years and always had healthy reserves. I think I really need to speak to my accountant again and possibly speak to an accountant who specialised in Property and also an FSA with Limited Company experience who should be able to give me a steer. Thanks again @floorboards, you're reply is very much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I own an IT consultancy limited company that I have operated successfully for around 20 years and due to the impending I35 reforms and collapse of the market I’m considering a complete career change and moving into property investment. I have been an HMO hobbyist landlord for over a decade and potentially looking to make more of a career out of property by firstly liquidating my IT consultancy, triggering the entrepreneurs relief and withdrawing all reserves to be used as capital to fund my portfolio, which would again, be managed via a newly formed limited company. Question
  7. I'm sure the ProprtyHub live day will be great and have no doubt it'll be money well spent; I'm not able to attend myself due to work commitments but would definitely be interested in going to a future event, especially if it was on a weekend day. Rob and Rob, I hope the event is a great success and you both enjoy it, good luck!
  8. Hi David, Where are your HMOs? - If you have a link to an ad, please add it here or PM me. Cheers, Gordon
  9. Agreed, if your strategy is long term and you've done your homework, are comfortable and confident.... No brainer, 5yr. The only caveat would be if you know of growth potential that might allow you to release equity in 2 years, that may be the way to go but I doubt that will be guaranteed. If I were you, I'd take the 5 year rate, bank it and focus on other opportunities.
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