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  1. Hi there, I wonder if anyone had an opinion on using ones CGT allowance when flipping a property. My accountant has said I should avoid using this allowance when buying a property with the intention to sell it (flip it) once refurbished as the profit made from the sale are income and not a Captial Gain. Does anyone have any experience with this? If treated as income tax, I am going to move the property into a Ltd Company (it is mortgage free) and take the Corp Tax hit. That way building up some history in the Ltd Co which commercial lenders like to see. Apologies if this topic
  2. Hi PW1080, That is correct, lenders do not like 'loans' being used as deposits. For the lender, you need to mask this loan as a Gift, donation or Investment in the new company. One way to do this is to label the remuneration for the lending company as Return on Investment rather than interest.
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