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  1. Hi all! I'm now in the process of buying a house which I will live in for a year or two and then rent out, I'm quite far into the process and have just discovered that there are no building regs certificates for the loft conversion. However, there is also an extension to the rear of the property (which appears to have been done at the same time) which was signed off by building regs and the certificate contains the name and address of the developer who I will attempt to contact tomorrow. Obviously this situation is making me a little uneasy, and although to the naked eye all the work to the property appears to have been done well, there is always the possibility of shoddy workmanship and I'm guessing the lack of building regs for the loft may have implications for the houses rentability in the future. I would really appreciate any advice on how to move forward with this.
  2. Hey I've been looking to get started in property investment for a long time and have been listening to The Property Podcast since the days of Rick and was one of the first iTunes reviewers. I'm a young guy and also a first time buyer which has previously made it very difficult to get a mortgage in the past, but now seems much easier as some of the banks seem to be more willing to lend now. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of investing in Norwich? I know you don't necessarily have to invest in your home city but as this is my first investment I would feel much more comfortable and in control doing so. Cheers
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