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  1. Thanks for this I will look at the sites. I’ll post when we’ve done the three days and let others know our thoughts. We will go into it with an open mind but not be drawn into spending more money. Thanks again Derek
  2. What are the pros and cons of buying leasehold?
  3. Paula Clark. I am married to Martin and we already have a business, Martin owns and operates care homes and I work with him. We are looking to expand our horizons with property investments, to give me a separate pension and also give us a separate income. We attended the James Martin 2 hour seminar recently and signed up for the 3 day training, with Legacy Education. However, we have seen lots of negative comments about this being a hard sell for further training. So we have mixed feelings about attending. We did however, also see lots of positive comments about The Property Hub and all the resources that are available. So I signed up yesterday and spent most of last night on the site going through the courses and bolstering my knowledge. The Martin Roberts seminar says you need to buy at a 25% discount, this seems like an impossible tasks. Does anyone know if it is possible? Also, looking at the strategy options can anyone advise how you easily identify a professional let? I cant wait to get started and will share my progress.
  4. Does anyone know anything about Legacy Education Training?
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