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  1. A couple of solicitors O spoke to mentioned some lender may only use their own solicitors or preferred solicitors, which would make my costs go up as my solicitor allegedly would have more work to do speaking to another 3rd party solicitor
  2. Thanks! Do you think 2 firms even though it is going from my ownership to my company ownership?
  3. Hye guys, I was wondering if anyone has got a recommendation for a good solicitor that can take care of moving properties from personal to ltd company ownership?
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for some solicitor recommendations that some of you may have used to incorporate properties. I own a few under my own name and I've been planning to move to corp for a while. Now it is the time to start the process and I was hoping to engage with a good and experience solicitor. Thanks!
  5. I'm paying optimise £99 a month for 2 tax returns (me and my partner) and the accounts of 2 properties as individuals that later on will be sold to a ltd. The accounting costs doing it later through a ltd will be a bit higher.
  6. just an update from my side, I contacted Rita4Rent and Ednan from ek-accounting. I was quite disappointed with both: Rita4rent: I scheduled a paid call with them to go through my properties and get some tax advice, initial email contact was with Michael and then the call itself was with Janice Parker. She was completely lost during the call, she didn't read properly all the information sent previously to Michael about my properties and my current situation and I had to explain myself over the phone and she provided what it looked like google searches as I was able to provide her
  7. Hi guys, sorry to resuscitate the topic but I'm also curious about rita4rent feedback on their services as I have a quite complicated small investment portfolio and I'm looking for property specialist tax advice and I came across their name, which I have now booked for paid advice and also I'm checking if optimise accountants can do it. Any feedback would be much appreciated
  8. Hi Gary, how was you experience with optimise accountants? I'm considering them, just wondering if they are indeed good
  9. Hi dean, could you please send me the list of accountants you have got and which one you decided to go? Are you having a good service?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble with my current accountant as he is not specialised in property and I'm feeling like we are taking too long to clarify tax questions and make a tax plan so I was wondering if you can recommend an accountant that you have used and can vouch for that is specialised in property. Thanks!
  11. Hi Simon, I'm happy to have a chat about that and get the mortgage through you if that provides me a better deal. I'll send a PM now.
  12. Hi there, I'm getting more acquainted with the idea of selling 2 properties to a LTD and I'm now trying to get a list of the lenders on the market and interest rates in practice. I've got a couple of properties in London, one with 35 LT (£425k market value) and the other 65 LTV (£400k market value) so I believe it would not be difficult to find a lender. With regular BTL I can easily find a list of lenders and I've deal directly with them in the past with no issues. on LTD side is a bit ticker and I was hoping someone could share their experience here with L
  13. Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a dilemma here as I've moved into my 3rd property now, having owned and lived in my previous properties for a few years each and due to being high rate tax payer my rental income is being taxed heavily now. As my 2 properties that are let are long term plans for retirement I don't want to take any money out until I retire. It seems I can incorporate without incurring capital gains tax on my last property (lets call it flat 2) as I've lived there for 2 years and moved again 8 months ago to a house. The first property (let's call it flat 1) I've o
  14. I think I may need to move equity from property #1 to property #2 as the LTV on property #2 is not low enough. Property #2 is worth £350k, with £265k balance, mortgage at £1280 (125% would be £1600) at the moment, rental around the area here is about £1500. I was doing some calculations here and I think the maximum I can borrow for this property is £215k, so I need to find £51k to cover it. Perhaps I give a smaller deposit on property #3 so I can put cash + equity from property #1 into property #2? I was hoping I could simply get a consent to lease on property #2 and the difference on rent
  15. Hi Stuart, thanks for assisting, I'm just not entirely sure about a couple of points you made, I hope you could give me a bit more detail? I've got about 80% of the money for the deposit on property 3, just waiting to resolve some things but I should be able to afford it without having to get equity from property 1. Did you suggest extra borrowing from property 1 because of the deposit or to put the money on property 2 to get a lower LTV? By ignoring you mean it will not affect positively or negatively my chances of getting a mortgage approved for property 3
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