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  1. Ok, bear with me... I'm buying a 3 bed flat which has been let for a long time by the vendor (around 15 years I think, since new build) to students on (I guess) a single AST.; It's an article 4 area, and I'm pretty sure the vendor never bothered with planning for c4 when the area moved to article 4 around 10 years ago. Area also has local HMO license rules, that state that 3 bed or more needs a license. Totally on the case with that, I understand the process, and the reasons behind it (i.e: money grabbing council! ). Even if I end up with a family living there, I'll get the l
  2. Hi Simon, Thanks for the response. I did try that same link before posting the initial question.... It's a dead link on their main website Guess I'll have to ring then to query Cheers James
  3. Good morning all, I've just found out that my usual conveyancing solicitor is not on the panel for the lender on my latest BTL purchase, so am looking for suggestions; BTL, leasehold flat Purchase with my LTD Co SPV Lender is Vida Homeloans Can anyone offer a recommendation? Both myself and the BTL flat are in Bristol, so that location would offer some benefit, but solicitor location is not a big issue for me. Ideally not a call centre convencing factory though! With thanks, James.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking at a modern purpose built flat (circa 2007) which has a Ltd co Property Management company, and a monthly fee of around £120. Around 40 flats, and there's lifts, a garden etc. So far, so normal.... When I check the Micro-entity accounts on Companies House Webcheck, the Capital & Reserves (as well as the Total Net Assets) is around £1000. Has been for years. So what's the point in the Ltd co, and where is that circa £60k going each year.......? I'm missing something. I hope. James.
  5. For Bristol I'm looking mainly at £150-£230k South Wales budget is lower, as I can see decent yields/ROI around the £120k mark (but could go higher or lower of course) Yield wise, I don't want to go below 4% net. This seems hard in Bristol, and fairly easy in South Wales. You are of course right on the travel point. I do have a lot of friends and family along the Wales M4 corridor, so it does reduce the burden a bit, but it's still a detracting factor Any Bristol BTL pointers gratefully received! I do try to run the numbers across a variety of Bristol areas
  6. Hi there Katherine, I am trying to find a property in Bristol which makes sense in terms of net yield, ROI, or even the potential for near-term capital growth, but I'm struggling to find anything that works when I run the numbers. So I'm considering; the North West (which would most likely be via RMP, as I haven't the time to do it alone) Newport (but prices there seem to have jumped already) South Wales in general I seem to be spending a lot of time on the property portals!
  7. Good afternoon all, Just to introduce myself, I'm James, I've lived in Bristol for the last 20 years or so, have two BTLs in the city, and am planning my third.... location very much TBC. I'll be trying to get along to the Bristol meetup at some point this year, and I'm hoping it'll still be at Channings, as it's not too far from home! Also planning a home refurb and extension this year, 2019 will be a busy one Cheers, James.
  8. My girlfriend has a BTL flat in a converted grade 2 listed mansion in Bristol. There are 5 flats in total, and the owners share the freehold (in a ltd co management company). The directors (all flat owners, mix of btl landlords and owner occupiers) have a Property Management company deal with block maintenance and insurance. The insurance for the block/mansion..... is over £5000 per year. Remember, that's 5 (FIVE) flats. Buildings, plus a small amount of contents insurance (not sufficient for 5 flats). Two questions; 1. I think tha
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