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  1. Hi, I didn't go through with this purchase. I made an offer of £118k coupled with a target 28-day completion. However, that wasn't enough for the seller to agree to. They eventually put it on the market and achieved £132k. Not a deal, but I've learnt a few things in the process: Discuss purchase price earlier rather than later. It will save a lot of your time. If you know the seller won't come near your offer, walk away. Put your effort in elsewhere. Have all the pre-work done before making an offer - if they had accepted my offer I wouldn't have been able to get things rolling rig
  2. Hi all, With a multitude of online and high street bathroom suppliers out there, can anyone recommend somewhere that offers a lengthy guarantee at a reasonable cost? I've also heard of the LNPG, however with still searching for my first deal I've not signed up. I am intrigued to know if anyone has any figures they can share regarding a discount achieved using them? Thanks all Dan
  3. Hi all, Looking for some critique/reassurance on what may be my first investment. It's an off-market two bed terraced house in Penicuik - a town just south of Edinburgh. It's on a major bus route in to the city as well as the major employers in the area. It's an ex-council house and prior to survey, the only aspects that require attention are replacing the 10 year old bathroom and a redecoration throughout. The seller has indicated that they are looking to achieve £125k. The latest house to sell on the same street was £7.5k below the current asking price, but I cannot find any detail
  4. Hi everybody, I thought I’d write this to introduce myself and also to provide me with a little bit of motivation, as I expect this community will be great at holding me accountable for my goals. I’m currently in the middle of a live-in refurbishment with my wife and 2yo daughter. We’ve been hit by some tough times over the past three years since we moved in, so nothing has really gone to plan. I’ve been doing most of the work myself-I’m a civil engineering project manager by day and a DIY dad by day-off/evening/occasional weekend. It’s been hard balancing work, dadding, husbanding a
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