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    As a starter, I am looking to invest in a couple of small flats to get things going
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    To build a portfolio of 3 properties in the next 5 years
  1. I am in same dilemma here although we are just looking for our first BTL. Having rented for 8 years and many friends living in apartments and houses, I agree completely with both posts. In our case, we are focussing on flats to start off with because of 2 reasons 1. We will not be living anywhere close to our BTL and hence cannot dedicate time for any TLC and DIY work 2. Based closer to transport links and in/just off the city centres gives us a better shot of having tenants 10 of 12 months, factoring high turnover Our only problem now is which city and I am waiting for anyone to reply t
  2. Morning! After taking on board well seasoned advice we have narrowed our cities down to Leeds or Birmingham. While I have a friend from Birmingham to understand the market better, I am looking for advice on Leeds. We lived there for a few years and I know areas that rent well but would appreciate updated information, recommended brokers/management agents etc As we live down south, we plan to let it out completely as a managed property but my dilemma is where. A look this morning highlights a lot of BTL flats in the city centre, which is where we plan to purchase but has the time come a
  3. Hi, From my previous post, we have identified a few cities to invest in mainly driven by the facts that we have up to £30k as deposit, live in West Berks and wont be able to commute often to where we invest to touch up the property, manage ourselves etc. So based on this the cities we are looking at are 1. Leeds : Lived there for a few years and know the city centre inside out. 2. Bristol : Again, lived there a couple of years but in the country side so limited knowledge 3. Birmingham : Have a friend based there and very aware of the potential and rental demand 4. Southampton : Nev
  4. Hi guys, Just dropped my intro email, then asked for advice on what strategy to follow and was about to ask around for investing in Berkshire to find this post. We live in West Berkshire and prefer to invest close to where we live, although with our meagre deposit we have been looking at Birmingham, Southampton and Leeds for a while. Any tnfo/tips on how to start for Berkshire hunting, upcoming towns/cities, sync up with people investing around Berkshire etc will go a long way Thanks Ken
  5. Hi Suzan, Thank you for the very detailed and insightful reply, puts right thoughts in my mind and makes me feel better than before. I shall keep my response short (unlike my initial post!) Yes, we are going to buy a single property and if possible a house rather than a flat. Discussed at length with OH, she told me to rein it in and go easy so it's just a single property for now We both aim to work full time for the foreseeable future and this road is more towards eventual financial freedom, starting the learning process when I have time to make those mistakes and building up cash to
  6. Hi All, I have been looking at BTL and the idea of being financially independent for a few years now. About us : Our home is in my name as OH was contracting at the time and she couldn’t be part of the mortgage. We are in our mid 30s, have a home via HTB scheme and saving enough to overpay about 10% every year. We save £2500 pm across ISAs, company stock options and cash (mortgage overpayment, home expenses fund etc). The numbers say we can start our property portfolio with no major risks than the usual suspects Target : Portfolio of 3 BTL properties in 5 years which I feel
  7. Afternoon All, I have been dabbling with the idea for a year now and after a lot of pointless visits to property websites, I decided to do things properly. So I bought 100 Property Investment Tips by the Robs and 3 pages in I am writing this message. My goal is to stop labouring at a private job and be my own boss. I am not the type to work 20 hours to run my own business and we are happy working as employees. So, in the real world, what would be great is to be financially free in my early 50s. With just about 20 years to achieve this and with a long term interest in owning rental proper
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