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  1. Hi I am also expat investor investing in Glasgow. I have been using HSBC for BTL mortgages. They would lend to expat from certain countries which meet their income criteria. @Eamonheggarty, do you know any Scottish brokers which would be more familiar with expats situations? Most of the brokers I talked to they dont have expat mortgage experience. thanks Maciek
  2. Hi, it is a good question. I would ask it to broker. Brokers should have enough experience in the BTL business to give you ball park answer. I am an expat investor, investing (also?) in Glasgow and my options are very much limited in that respect compared to UK residents. I am using one lender for now, however once I hit Portfolio landlord rule I will have to look for more expensive alternatives. Therefore, IMHO organizing finance at the end is a question of cost. If there is enough gratification for lender eventually there will be somebody with appetite to lend you money. I think th
  3. Hello, I also would like to be added to the whatsapp group if possible? I already have 2 investments in Glasgow area. Looking for the next one in coming year. I am happy to exchange experiences and knowledge. thanks Maciek
  4. Thanks for reply Craig. I decided to hire clear up company and will investigate my option with small claims court.
  5. Bought a house in Scotland recently. Even though in the contract was stated pretty much all inside and outside house has to be cleared (possessions, furniture,rubbish) the seller left a lot of stuff back(I mean like 3-4 full skips). I got quote from waste removal company for circa £900 to clear site. I reported straight back to solicitor. They informed other side but really no response came back. After a week solicitor advised to contact litigation team from their company. They called me and said straight away I need to put down deposit £600 for them to provide an ADVICE. So not to handle the
  6. Thanks Derek. Yup this is inline with my thinking and I would say common sense. Not sure why the sourcers I talked to insisted on access to all my financials. Either way thank you for response.
  7. Looking for some advice on Anti Money Laundering and sourcing companies. Should proof of just investment capital be enough when investing cash (for example receivings from sale of property)? Or would sourcers require copies of all accounts and payslips for AML purposes? I appreciate your help.
  8. Hi Kyle, Don't forget Additional Dwelling Settlement (Stamp duty) unless you are fist time buyer. ADS is 4% on properties over 40K. So it will be £1680 based on 42K purchase price. You can get Home Report for circa £400. I would recommend to use property staging company with the sell - circa £700 for 1bed. I think other cost are good estimate. Paid similar recently for my Glaswegian investment. Good luck!
  9. Hi Winnie, I am expat investing in UK and I have been lending with HSBC for properties under 100K no problem. It was not remortgage but straight buy with BTL mortgage 75% LTV. Ping me if you need any info. thanks Maciek
  10. I have one investment in Parkhead, at Springfield Gardens estate. These are fairly new starter flats which go for 90-95K and you can get 2bed rented for £600. There is a lot of movement there, constantly something for sell and usually gone in couple weeks time. Also, as mentioned above Dennistoun is pretty good area however properties there are significantly more expensive. In east end there are a lot of new flats built and therefore fairly high supply of flats.
  11. For anyone interested I used company GetFullyFurnished(https://www.getfullyfurnished.com/ ) They are pretty good, worth recommending!
  12. Hi, I am using Aberdein Considine for management of the flat. So far I have not had any issues. Good luck with your endeavors!
  13. Hi, Anyone would recommend any staging company (stage for sell) in Glasgow area? Any ball park figures how much it may cost for example for 1 bed property? Thanks Maciek
  14. Hello, I am also based in Switzerland, Bern. Nice to meet you. I have been to two meetups in Zurich but have not met any British folks there yet. are you still attending?
  15. hi guys, very interesting post as I am also in a similar position and considering my options. I have currently two mortgages with HSBC(one standard residential and one BTL) for properties in Glasgow which I held in my name. I am looking to buy another property this year and considering options of opening a limited company and buying through company or continue privately. In terms of taxes company may be preferred however I am afraid of limited funding options when buying through company. What is your opinion on access to funding for expat buying through company vs expat buying privately? Does
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