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  1. Hi Tim, Thanks for the advice, I am pretty sure that its still running just the same so I'll get in touch with the local council to inform them.
  2. Hi Everyone, After reading the HMO Landlady Blog regarding maintenance philosophy I'd like to know how I could go about reporting a Landlord for Illegal practice... It was about 3 years ago now while I was at University but he was a terrible landlord of a terrible property which I cant imagine could have conformed to regulations. I'm almost certain its not licensed. And he stole our deposit. (I don't believe it was ever placed in a scheme). Is there a simple way to report the address for the matter to be looked into? Thanks for your help! Arin
  3. Hi Richard, Really appreciate the detailed response, you breakdown and reiterate a model that is clearly attune with other experienced investors. To be more specific I am looking to grow a portfolio as rapidly as possible, while maintaining a predominantly "investor" position rather than a "landlord" role. With that same money I will need a place to live also however, for which I could potentially use a first time buyer scheme to lend a hand and leave more for investing?. I believe a strategy based on a high rental yield would be best, to reinvest profits for further growth and mainta
  4. Hi All, Im young (24) and new to BTL though I've done extensive research and learnt a lot from all the great sources out there (Property Podcast i'm looking at you). As i've been pondering and re-thinking my own planned strategy infinite times, (waiting till I have the cash). I would love to know what people feel the optimal strategy would be (or near enough) with the following situation:- £50,000 cash. Requirements: A place to live and at least one investment. How would you split the deposits? How would you finance/Would you use any first time buyer or similar scheme? (Tho
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