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  1. Of course they'll take the whole amount! You'd think they'd prorate it. New money for old rope I suppose!
  2. Hi James, Thanks for the reply. Why are they expiring in 2020? I did just notice that on a friends licence. Danni
  3. Hi everyone, I need to get buildings insurance and wanted to see if anyone could recommend a policy covering buildings and landlord insurance. I've only ever owned leasehold and haven't needed buildings, hence the question. Thanks in advance for the feedback! Danni
  4. Hi everyone, I'm about to complete on a property in Liverpool and am looking to apply for my licence. Just interested in what peoples experience in this have been. Many thanks, Danni
  5. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply and the heads up about the selective licensing. What streets/areas would you stay away from? Thanks!
  6. Apologies I didn't have my notifications on to see someone had replied. Thanks for the reply! Looking to spend approx 130k.
  7. Hi everyone, Hoping for some feedback and advice on areas. I'm looking to invest in my home town of Liverpool and have just had 2 properties fall through around Allerton way. As I was back to square one, my cousin who is also an investor suggested looking in the Wirral. I viewed 10 properties there this week and have whittled it down to a few for second viewing, but as I've never really ventured over that side of the water (which is a shame as it really is lovely in places), I wondered if anyone would share their thoughts on the area, specifically Tranmere (near stadium), Prenton, Claughton and Oxton. I'm looking for single lets for families. Any tips, advice or feedback would be appreciated. Cheers, Danni
  8. Thanks Richard! I did read recently that the algorithm had changed to give a better score to solid brick.
  9. Hi all, Hoping for some help. I'm trying to find the most reliable source to find out where I need to install internal fire doors in an apartment, forgive me for being thick, I've been searching and can't find a cohesive answer. Can anyone recommend a service who can tell me for sure? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I did wonder that - are they allowed to do that? I actually called the chap who did the report and he couldn't remember the property so I was reading it out to him and even asked how it scored 1/100 when not every category was 1/5. I'd expect 1 if it had no windows!
  11. Thanks for the reply! Many of them seem to say the same thing but the marking of each is different, for example the one I'm looking at got 3/5 for the double glazing but the flat below got 4/5 for the same glazing, another top floor flat got 5/5 for the roof/walls being assumed insulated. I'm wondering if it's luck of the draw who you get and if they actually stepped foot inside.
  12. Hi everyone, Hoping for some help. I'm looking at a property but the EPC has been graded G and been allocated 1 point out of the max points. A little bit about the property: top floor flat, pitched roof/brick construction so assumed no insulation, double glazing, electric heating. I got a bit nosey so looked up every other EPC in the building and there were 2 others (who scored higher than 1) out of 15 that were a G but had single glazing and the other top floor flats all were well above E. I wondered if anyone had any experience of having an incorrect EPC score and how did you go about it. Is it just luck of the drawer who you get to assess the property? Any advice much appreciated! Danni
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