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  1. chloe williams

    Newcomer looking for advice

    Hi Andy, I think you'll definitely be able to find some great properties with a 25k deposit close to yourself, or further afield if thats what you want! I hope you find something that suits your needs and can't want to see your journey progress!
  2. chloe williams

    Renting more expensive than owning a property in the UK

    Interesting statisctics, though this has been in motion for some time with more people renting than before. Definitely expected to see something like this happen
  3. very interesting thoughts, definitely agree its worth buying and holding now.
  4. Hi Sohpiag95, sorry to hear that you've been told to find a new place. Shared ownership can be a good starting point to help get you on the property ladder, it all depends if that is what you want. If you want to own a property outright then it may not be the best option but if you do no might then it could be a good start for you! Hope this helps
  5. Hi Joe, Great to see you are ready to buy your first home!! It sounds like you have a solid plan ahead of you, and have taken into factors that most people don't. Definitely agree with Derek and consider the points he's made but otherwise it looks like you're ready to start. Good Luck, and keep us posted about how you property journey goes!
  6. chloe williams

    New to property investment- how do I get to start

    Hi Linda great to hear you're interested in property business. I think the first thing you should do is figure out what you want. Do you want BTL, HMO, or social? which best fits around your schedule and budget? I hope this helps getting you started
  7. chloe williams

    ZOOPLA state of the property nation

    Very interesting read, thanks for sharing! :)