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  1. This seems to be quite common in my area at the moment especially where there are very few comparables to be guided by. I am a firm believer in the adage that profit is made when you buy so do tend to steer clear of deals in this situation or is it perhaps just a case that lenders are being overly cautious because of all the uncertainty around at the moment?
  2. Hi I have been using the NLA Vision property management software now for several years and can fully recommend. It is extremely easy to use and provides everything you need from details regarding tenants and agreements, property expenses and rental income through to preparing end of year balance sheets. Also cloud based so can be used from any device. Roger
  3. I am looking for reasonably priced, sturdy, 3 piece bedroom furniture sets ( wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside unit) that look good and will withstand life for many years in an HMO. Any recommendations for where best to go?
  4. Seem to be getting conflicting advice on this one. Do I have to implement this scheme when I'm only refurbishing residential property and HMO conversions as supposed to construction work?
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