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  1. Good Morning , I have my own running Limited company (not registered for VAT) for buying and letting residential and commercials properties. anyone could advise me on the best way to buy commercial properties already elected for VAT by the current owner please , so I could refund VAT payable on purchase price .I fully understand that I have to charge VAT on any commercial rent . will the best forward way through starting new register for VAT limited company for buying commercials elected for VAT by their current owner ? OR I could Buy through my existing Not VAT regi
  2. Hi Rob, what is the best platform to purchase an Vacant VAT elected commercial properties in order let out commercially or redevelop to residential . is it through a new VAT elected Limited company ? if I set up New VAT elected Limited company today , or buy ready made off the shelf VAT company ,will it be possible in a week time from setting up my new company to purchase VAT elected Vacant commercial properties ( aiming to let out for investment ) and most importantly is the ability to re-claim back VAT paid on completion . I understand any rent chargeabl
  3. Dear Members 2 previous planning application was refused by local planning officer based on 2 elements (lack of parking spaces and access,highway safety ) despite that we mentioned about other issues including the 5 proposed doors and misleading information by applicant of what was existing at the time of submission. the applicant appeal the local planning decision to the secretary of estate and won the case despite that we wrote to secretariat on all of our concerns including all points mentioned above. but the appeal was based on the local planning refusal points (lack of parking a
  4. Morning Paul sorry for my late reply, thank you for your advice really appreciated . Kind Regards Paul
  5. Morning Dennis sorry for my late reply, thank you for your honest and very useful advice . working on it . Kind Regards Paul
  6. Thanks Paul for your advice , that was very nice of you. I put your advice to the other side solicitor and engaged my building insurance broker as he has the same view as yourself with regards to written copy of work to be undertaken by the contractor and agreement that the disturbed area is made good afterwards. There should also be some form of validation that works have been completed to specfication and the contractor should have the necessary insurance in place. but their solicitor replied to our surprise to say that ( his client has the right of drainage as subsisting and t
  7. manholes position.pdf the office at the back of my house , have rights to connect to my back garden manhole NO 5 registered 50 years ago on my title , now this 9 meters long sewer pipe is damaged and need to be replaced involving digging a trench of 3 foots deep by 2 foot wide for the length of 9 meters in my back garden to replace their existing pipe. office existing sewer pipe is for their use only , its a branch dropping in to my back manhole ,its not part of my drainage system with next doors.as our drainage system worked fine it is only the back office pipe need to be r
  8. Hi I would like to get your thoughts please on converting a commercial 4 story building to 3 flats plus shop in Tunstall High street ,ST6 5EA. the freehold commercial value now is one third of what I paid for 10 years ago . many adjacent 3-4 stories high commercial buildings are empty exactly like mine . I have a valid planning permission for converting upper floors to 3 flats and ground floor shop , cost of conversion around £90k. the rental from 3 flats is £350 per month each =£ 1050 per month , it could be much less as many things cou
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