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  1. Hi everyone, Its been a while since I last posted on here. There has been a lot going on, just came back from Portugal which was very good and the purpose was for personal development. A 4 day programme but very impactful. I aim to be posting more often.
  2. Hi WebberE Can You email me and we can discuss it further. Christian@wealthjenerationestate.co.uk
  3. Hi everyone, i wanted to know what else is used other than Trello and Evernote when it comes to property?
  4. Hi Marius. I appreciate your comment. I run a relocation agency which specialises in finding quality accommodation for young professionals in the London area. We typically rent to graduates and young professional. For the landlord,we provide guaranteed rent 52 weeks. We fully manage the property with no fees which eliminates repeated phone calls from tenants giving the landlord a hassle free experience
  5. I have been inspired by James S in this forum to use this platform as a form of accountability for myself. However, please feel free to chip in any input. So as I introduced myself before, my name is Christian B. Brown. I have currently set-up my property company called wealth Jeneration Estate. My mission is to relocate graduate and young professionals to suitable accommodation. In the next two months, i plan to start contacting landlords and agent for properties in the london area. In the mean time i'm currrently getting my ducks in a row - so to speak. I'll keep this updated
  6. Hi all just wanted to introduce myself and get to know others. By the way, thank you Rob &Rob for creating this forum
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