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  1. Hi David again, I'm starting to think my introduction was a bit too long....sorry guys! Does anyone have any recommendations for mortgage advisers/brokers? I'd like one in the North East but, i'd work with anyone around the country. Cheers David
  2. Can anyone recommend a mortgage advisor in the north east? Or recommend a mortgage advisor in general? Many thanks again... David
  3. Hi all, Lovely to start my journey with you guys! My name is David, I currently live in Newcastle upon Tyne and have done for the past 18 years. I work offshore building, maintaining, servicing and possibly soon commissioning wind turbines. I've been wanting to buy property for the past 10 years but never had an income that enabled me to do this. Over the past 10 years I've learnt most of the trades, so I'd definitely be more hands on, however, time constraints will looking at getting other people in. So far I've done various work/jo
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