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  1. Remember with interest only you don't actually have to pay interest only and many lenders will allow you to pay e.g. 10% of the total mortgage balance each year, so you could repay if you liked but have the flexibility of interest only.. or re-invest profits or part of them in property/stocks and shares ISA etc and whilst obviously not guaranteed, if the returns are higher than the interest rate on the mortgage then that's also something to consider to make your money work harder for you.
  2. This leaseholders FB group may be able to help you. Or contact LEASE - The leasehold advisory service. Good luck! https://www.facebook.com/groups/nationalleaseholdcampaign/?ref=share
  3. I've invested with them in the Sky Gardens development - we had some delays earlier but now back on track expecting completion April 2021 - sister site is completing this month apparently.
  4. Hi Rachel, Two sources of info and advice for issues like this that have been very useful to me are the National Leaseholders Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/nationalleaseholdcampaign/?ref=share (repost your question there and I'm sure you'll get lots of advice!) Also the leasehold advisory service: https://www.lease-advice.org/ Hope that helps!
  5. Hi,I'm looking at options for selling on my off-plan investment pre-completion in Liverpool due to complete in March/April 2021.Are there particular companies anyone would advise for this? The existing agent has quite high fees so I'm looking at alternatives. I'm thinking of more specialist companies with an investor pool of contacts vs just a local agent as it may also be of interest to overseas investors.Thanks
  6. I've invested with them in the Sky Gardens development - we had some delays earlier but now expecting completion April 2021 - sister site is completing this month. I also believe your deposit or at least some of it should be protected but double check this! Thanks
  7. Hi, Not Baltic Triangle but have invested with RW Invest in L22
  8. Thanks, lots of good food for thought! Interesting to see just how different the rates can be for a small % more.. Is there something I'm missing as to why a 5 yr fix at 60% (as that's all i need now) to have the extra security vs 2 yrs as I can't imagine rates being lower in 2 yrs, then get a further advance if i do decide to expand my portfolio wouldn't be a good or better option vs 2yr fix at 60% and remortgage if I need more funds? Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm not 100% certain I want to get a second propety yet so not as keen to do this, but don't want to have limited myself e.g. high early repayment charges if I do so just looking for advice on what to consider. Why would doing 80% LTV now be better than just getting a further advance down the line if I do want a second property? Better rates?
  10. Hi, I've just exchanged on my first BTL in Liverpool with completion due Q4 this year (thanks Hubbers for your advice so far!) and am thinking about considerations for when I want to expand my portfolio, potentially next year, particularly related to the BTL mortgage i get for the Liverpool property. I will have a 60% LTV BTL interest only mortgage on the property. I have heard of refinancing and releasing equity to make the next purchase so if I was originally planning on getting a 5 yr fix for the security of it, I assume I'd be wise to get one with no/low early repayment charges i
  11. Hi, Can you expand on this point please? Maintainence costs I.e. service charges are claimable? Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm in the process of purchasing a new build flat completing this September and weighing up between taking the 2 year assured rental yield offer or not. I know some advise against it but financially it actually seems to work out slightly better the 4k furniture pack plus the 7% yield vs my 2k estimate for furniture plus the average I've been told I could rent it for from local agents, which is similar to the 7% offered. The main reason for this is there is no service charge and insurance (£1350 a year) to pay if I take the assured yield offer. Any experiences positive or neg
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