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    Greater Manchester
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    I'm a 41 year old with a property business providing EPC's & Inventories in Greater Manchester. I currently have 2 BTL properties that have been purchased in late 2018, early 2019. I am looking to grow my portfolio and adopt other strategies such as rent 2 rent & flipping. See myself as having a good character with a great grasp of numbers. Looking to learn and collaborate with like minded people.
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    BTL, Rent to Rent, Development.
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    I aim to become financially free through property investing activities, by 2025.
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    Family, friends, running, personal development, tennis, walking

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  1. Hi Steven - awesome, I'm going to book it too. Yes I did wonder if you meant Rent2Rent (assumed a typo) :-) . It'll be good to have a chat with you - I'm going to be looking at BRR too, want to grow the equity without having to remortgage my current home if possible. Cheers Mark
  2. Hi Daniel, Apologies for the late reply - my notifications were 'off'. My current mortgages are with Birmingham & Midshire, 5 year fixed rate, currently at 2.63%. Everything was dealt with via my broker, which was a incredibly simple process. Mark
  3. Hi Steven Thanks for your reply - good luck with your BTL. Have you had any R2R training or are you going to teach yourself via other resources? Yes - I think it would be worthwhile attending the Manchester meet up; will you be attending the next one too? Regards Mark
  4. Hi All, My name is Mark from Stockport. I purchased my first BTL property in September 2018, and have just completed on the purchase of another one. Both are in Denton, Greater Manchester - delivering yields of 7.2%. I believe that both properties have been purchased BMV, and therefore my plan will be to release equity after 6 months in order to purchase another property (albeit with additional savings). My goal is to become financially free by 2025, using property as a vehicle for passive income and overall wealth generation. I am interested in adopting various strategies in order to achieve my goals. Key strategies that I would like to pursue are Rent to Rent BRR / Flipping Additional BTL I am interested to learn from, and collaborate with like minded individuals who have similar goals. My current work activities offer me plenty of time, whereby I can commit to new opportunities & learning objectives. Work wise I currently have a business supplying EPC's & Inventories - with a handful of local agents as clients. Prior to this I owned a grounds maintenance company, of which I built from nothing, developed and sold. If anyone requires any EPC advice then feel free to contact me & I'll happily point you in the right direction where I can! Likewise, I'd welcome contact from similar minded people within Greater Manchester ! Mark
  5. I have recently purchased 2, 2 bed terrace properties in Denton - located to the East of Manchester, North of Stockport. I paid £100k for each and rented them both out immediately for £600pcm, so yielding at 7.2%. Denton is a nice area and attracts a great tenant profile. A multi-million pound leisure complex is in the process of being built, along with a new housing development too. Transport facilities are good and the town offers excellent capital growth IMO. It's currently a little cheaper than other areas, but I believe this will soon catch up. Both properties are mortgaged with 25% deposits - so repayments are fixed for 5 years at circa £180 pcm, with a gross monthly profit of £420.
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