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  1. Hey Dani, Sorry for not getting back to you for a while, we completed on our second property so things have been quite busy over the past few months! Usually we would just be living in London and we have an estate agent up in Liverpool who manages everything for us (definitely shop around if you're going to do this as their charges vary quite a bit), however, because of COVID and because we bought our second property empty and needed to do some final decoration/ adding furniture and because we don't need to be in the office at the moment we are living up here whilst we get it ready
  2. Hi Dani! Your story sounds so similar to that of me and my partner that I couldn’t not reply! We initially were looking at buying in London (around Peckham) about a year and a half ago now but it fell through at the last minute which at first was a bit disappointing but as soon as we began to think about it more critically we realised that it was a blessing in disguise as we don’t plan to live in the UK forever and the rental yields we could have achieved on the property were minimal. We then began doing our research (listening to LOTS of property hub podcasts! Among other resou
  3. Hi Tom, Thanks for providing this info - much appreciated. I was just wondering whether you purchased your BTL in a ltd company? Or under your personal name? Thanks, Olena
  4. So do you think we’re better off avoiding student let’s due to oversaturation and focusing on single lets? Does letting to young professionals also apply to the market oversaturation?
  5. Sounds like an awesome deal! Well done! We will keep our eyes out for something similar! What does SA stand for? Olena
  6. Hi, Coming up to Liverpool this weekend to have a look for student/ young professional HMOs and the news online is all over the place in terms of the number of polarising statements saying Liverpool is both amazing and awful for HMOs at the moment (even when filtering results to those posted in the last year!). Very confusing! We're likely looking for something recently renovated in top condition, 4+ bed , within 15 minute walk from Liverpool Uni (likely Kensington, Wavertree or Edge Hill) Does anyone have any experience in Liverpool HMOs and care to shed some light on what's
  7. Hi! Keen to revive this post! I'm looking to buy my first HMO in Liverpool but there seems to be a lot of student houses on the market - Is the student rental market saturated in Liverpool? We'd be looking to buy a renovated 4+ bed place within 15min walk from the University. Best, Olena
  8. olenakk

    Leeds HMO Advice

    Hi Conrad, thanks for your reply. In comparison to the average first time buyer, we are probably in quite a good position. So we hope we will be able to secure a mortgage. Do you know of any good mortgage brokers by any chance? Thanks, Olena
  9. olenakk

    Leeds HMO Advice

    Hi All, I'm looking to start my BTL portfolio and am taking a trip up to Leeds this weekend to look at potentially buying a place there. Currently I'm looking for yield and so have decided that a student/ young professional HMO may be a good option for me. I used to go to uni there so I know the Leeds university areas well (i.e. Woodhouse, Hyde Park etc.) but I don't know much about the other areas. I'm looking to find out: - Which areas are recommended? - Would you avoid houses that don't currently have a HMO license? If it doesn't currently have one is it not likely t
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