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  1. Discussion.... where do we stand afterwards. I'm hoping more and more everyday that I will not be affected by this ever boringness of the Brexit deal. Where do the people of whom still wanted to remain stand? where do property owners stand after all the walls fall? after we rebuild and destroy at the same time? help!
  2. I'm living in London and have been told to find a new place and fast. As I'm struggling to find a suitable house/apartment to move into I need some help with this. Is things such as shared ownership a good idea? I have looked more and more into the idea and it seems to be something of interest. From talking to multiple people and housing people I have come across the idea of this shared ownership. One friend even recommended places to look such as this website https://propertybooking.co.uk as they do all of that stuff. I am someone to want things done easily, can not be fussed with lengthy and
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