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  1. My parents have a late 60s concrete block home in Edmonton. The sliding glass door on the back of the house has gotten much too hard for them to use due to shoulder issues, arthritis, etc. We believe the solution is to replace with a double French door. The door opens to a back patio that is not covered and it takes a beating during storms. So who do we use to do this type of work? I sent out a few emails from websites on what appeared to be highly rated/respectable door companies - and got a response only from the door replacement company. I don't know anything about the company. Have you guys ever used their services before? If yes, then do say your opinion. Thanks
  2. I have been periodically checking local real estate listings recently, as I am interested in upgrading to a different house if I can find one that meets all of my hard-to-find criteria. I've finally found such a home, but it's got one problem. A full-size tennis court in the backyard. I don't play tennis, but it looks like it is older and will need to resurface the tennis court if someone needs to play. If I bought the house, I would want to remove it and plant grass and trees in its place. It takes up half of the back yard and is like 20 feet out from the back door of the house. It looks terrible since it has no landscaping or other screening around it. This house is priced about the same as similar homes without tennis courts. I assume beat up tennis courts detract from a home's value? Or am I wrong? Do they actually add value? Would the subtraction from value typically be the cost of removal?
  3. I don't think this will cost you much. I had a friend who had installed gunite pool and he was very happy with it. He didn't had any problems with the installation.
  4. What type of documentary are you interested watching? I like Narcos very much. Its a masterpiece. I am quite sure you will also like it.
  5. Hi all, I am Kendrick and I am new in this forum. I am in search of a new house and so I have reached here and found this forum interesting. Hope to have a good time in this forum.
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