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  1. Hi, Thank you so much for this kind, and thoughtful message. It was really touching to read, and can see you gave it a lot of thought. It's incredibly uplifting when you come across people who you don't know, but they still care. Thank you ! This forum is an amazing place, the more time I spend on it, the more my faith in people's kindness is restored. I find your advice to be very valuable as I was worried about jumping in and potentially regretting it down the line. So it is really helpful to get an advice form someone with experience. Will be moving into my Dad's pl
  2. Hi, I am happy to have discovered thia forum as I can see there are so many people with vast experience and knowledge and willing to help. And boy do i need both ! I am newly separated and beacuse my ex and i were not married he is keeping the flat and i am getting nothing. He bought the flat in SW London just few months before we met. For past 13 years i have invested in it, paid bills and mortgage (fully paid off now). And we even have a child together. But that all means nothing in UK unless you are married. I have gotten legal advice and could take him to
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