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  1. Hi I am interested in a couple of commercial properties that I would look to convert to residential, they are both elected for VAT. How will it work when selling the individual units how do I recoup the VAT ? Thanks in advance Damian
  2. Thank you for your reply, have a good day : )
  3. Hi all Looking for recommendations on insuring a residential flip property, a straightforward refurb. Would it be classed as Renovation policy or an Unoccupied Residential policy. Thanks in advance. Damian
  4. Hi Looking for recommendations or to connect with property sourcer/company in the North West regarding commercial and residential properties. Or anyone else who has had any experience in this area good or bad ! Thanks Damian
  5. Hi If a property has been paid for outright and gifted to you by your parents to avoid the inheritance tax when would it be possible to raise finance from it to start re-investing in property. Is there a certain amount of time that needs to pass or are you good to go ! Thanks in advance Damian
  6. Hi It seems like a reasonable plan, not in a position to give detailed advice at the min but as long as you have done your due diligence and understand your market and figures then go for it. Good luck
  7. Hi Darren Apologies for the slow reply and thanks for question as its been a while since I logged in, so a nice surprise ! I'm not the best with the tech side of things so trying to improve. To answer your question the reason for selling up was the fact that I re-located from Coventry, where I grew up, to the North West so it felt the right thing to do at that time. The reason for wanting to get back in is that I done OK in Coventry but really didn't have a clue and now I feel it could be a good time especially with the right attitude. Damian p.s really enjoyed reading about your journey and comments so cheers
  8. Hi everyone Thought I would take the plunge and say hello after reading some great post's on the forum ranging from saying hello to really helpful advice. I bought my first home in 2001 and have had a few BTL along the way which have now been sold since 2017 There were many up's and down's but I am now looking to enter back in to the property market with a different mindset and attitude. This is made so much easier with sites like property hub and it's member's so thank you. P.S this took me an hour to write ! Damian
  9. Snap ! Great reply Darren that made me chuckle. Brilliant work Tom Damian
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