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  1. Hi Jase, Thanks very much for your reply! Those sort of figures are exactly what I had in mind so that’s great. I’m not sure on the exact details/measurements as I’ve only ever been in each house once so I’m starting to work things out from the agents photos! I haven’t had any prices, I’m not quite there yet, I’m just getting an idea as part of a bigger program of refurbishment! Thanks again Rhys.
  2. Hi all, I’m wondering what kind of prices people have paid to have a kitchen fitted? I have two properties that are needing a refresh. Both rooms are in good condition plaster wise, and all the plumbing and electrics are there and fine. I’ve found the kitchens I want which come flat packed from Wickes, so I guess the labour would be building and installing around 8 units each, the work tops and tiling a couple of feet up from the worktops. Mid anyone could share their experiences on the cost of this that would be great. I’m in Yorkshire. TIA :-)
  3. Hi Srini, I’m not a mortgage broker but as someone that owns more than one limited company I think you’d be better off forming a limited company and both having 50% of that. Keep your investment into the company equal if possible, for ease. Good luck! Rhys
  4. If the lease length on the other flats is 20-30 years then it is a no brainer IMO. But it would seem unusual for them to have such short leases if they were created in 2007?
  5. Personally I find that one beds are cheap to buy and the rents are not much less than for a two bed so they produce attractive yields. I am careful not to add too many to my portfolio despite the fact they are easy to obtain for little outlay, just because I think the capital growth may not be there like a 3-bed would experience. There is definitely a place for them though, singletons, childless couples and retirees all make for reliable tenants that pay well and don’t need any more than one bedroom.
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    Day jobs?

    Hi Hubbers, I manage an independent tyre and car repair business which keeps me busy most of the time. I tend to buy property either ready to go or needing a light refurb and pass them over to a lettings agent to fully manage due to my lack of time. I really enjoy the process and building my property LTD company, so I’m planning to continue to do this and see where it takes me. Good of luck to everyone else with their goals! Rhys :-)
  7. Thanks Simon, That reply is really helpful. I suppose based on what I had been told I felt as though the lenders may be taking a personal guarantee when I may have been able to use the same funding with no guarantee just by arranging the loan in a smarter way. Based on your info my plan may well now be to save an additional 10% of the loan amount and when the fixed term has come to an end try to remortgage on a 65% LTV with no guarantee. If I’m lucky the market rising may save the 10% up for me. I’ve never wanted to be heavily leveraged anyway so that would fit in with my portf
  8. Hello Hubbers! Hope you are all well... I was wondering if any readers would share their experiences of Deed of Guarantee signings required for their Limited Co BTL mortgages. I can’t find much reference to it in books or on this forum or the wider web, and professionals I’m dealing with such as Solicitors and Brokers are giving me contradictory opinions on it. Some are saying it’s unheard of and I should be able to negotiate out of them with the lenders, others act like everyone has to do it, so I’m fairly confused. I have a Limited company with my sister who is a small shareh
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