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  1. Hey Alex, I hope you are well buddy? This does look interesting and from looking at PBS Group on Companies house I can see that it has a charge on the business which is still outstanding and 2 other charges which have been satisfied. Have you looked into this anymore Alex as the properties do look lovely and I haven't done any numbers yet but the ROI could look quite good. Have a great day everyone! -Adam
  2. Hi guys! I hope you are well? Apart from google maps and zooming into the specific area, is there any other way to find out employers in the area that you are researching? Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate! Have a lovely weekend everyone, Many thanks, Adam
  3. Hey buddy, Thanks for the reply and advise. I have done some due diligence and Morely stands out for me due to its train station with being direct into the center of leeds in 8 minutes Good schools & Crime rate is low. Need to do some more research on the amenaties and employers but will do that soon as I am going down their saturday for a few viewings. The prices are good for the yield as well as it has good links to the motorway as well. Thanks again buddy for the advice! Adam
  4. I hope everyone is well and wondered if anyone can please help me improve my knowledge on my chosen area of Leeds to invest in BTL's I am 21 and from the midlands but I am looking to invest more up north due to better yields as well as being able to capitalise on capital gains as well. I am in the process of learning what are desirable areas to live as well as not so desirable. From what I have found is the areas in the North/west are advised as the nicer areas in leeds where are mostly in the South/East areas are mainly best to avoid. £60,000 capital at the moment to inves
  5. Hi guys, I hope you are all well? I have around £60,000 to invest and was looking to get hopefully 2 freehold houses, 2 - 3 bed I think on the suburbs of Leeds. I guess Chapel Allerton & Horsforth are out the equation as they would be too expensive. I am swaying towards more Morley but I was wondering if you think there are other good areas to invest in Leeds? I am looking for mainly cashflow as I am 21 and want that constant cashflow income but I don't like the sound of harehills and other east areas in Leeds due to how rough and the crime there. I'd love t
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