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  1. Hi everyone. I read recently that you can claim £4 per week from your tax bill, if you use your home as an office for your property investments. I have tried to find something about that on the gov.uk website and cannot find anything. Has anyone any thoughts on this? Thanks for reading Chris
  2. Good afternoon all. First day on the forum, I have been an avid reader or Robs books for over a year now and have been listening to the excellent podcasts recently. I have 2 BTL properties, 1 which was my home and 1 investment I bought last year. Currently looking for a 3rd property in and around the Walkden area of Manchester or close to my other properties in Stockport. I am a pub landlord by trade and used a great opportunity of a live in pub job in London to start my property investments. Look forward to reading your future posts and hopeful
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