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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for some mortgage advice. I've had a look through the previous posts but cannot seem to find this specific situation. I plan to buy a house (freehold) which is currently split into 2 self contained flats. One of the flats has a current tenant. I plan to live in the other flat myself. This will be my primary and sole residence. Will I require a standard residential mortgage or a buy to let mortgage? I have no plans to split the title in the short term. Any advice would be fantastic. Thank you in advance
  2. Thank you both for your responses. This helped me a lot to clear things up in my head.
  3. Please before I go crazy, could somebody check these numbers and make sure I have the right end of the stick. I've been running some numbers in my head and need some seasoned property pros like yourselves to tell me if I have this right: Buy To Let Purchase Property Purchase Price = £40,000 Bridging Loan = £26,000 35% Bridging Loan Deposit = £14,000
  4. Hi All, First-time poster, long term R&R listener and PropertyHub voyeur. My girlfriend and I are in our mid-late 20s and live in the South of England and both work fulltime. In 2017 we bought and flipped a flat whilst living in it, in November 2018 we moved into a run-down cottage and are nearing the final stages of the complete refurbishment. We are looking to bring this to the market April/ May 2019. Based on speaking with local agents we anticipate making a decent profit on this and will have between £85K - 110K equity once sold. For our primary residence, we will look
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