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  1. Just like any main residence, the lender requires you protect the property in case of unforeseen damage (like floods / disasters etc) hence Buildings cover is compulsory and a requirement to getting a mortgage. The landlords cover also (most often) has an element of liability cover (in case a tile from your property lands on a passer by). You can extend the cover and explore covering some / all of the contents as well though most, unless you are furnishing your property, see this as an unnecessary expense. The important part is rental guarantee which can be included at a premium and
  2. Hi Robin, To give more meat to the bone, I have an unencumbered property that I want to extract as much money out to buy a residential property. I am very conscious however that doing so personally, will expose me to much higher tax due to the recent changes and will really hurt my returns so was thinking a little creatively (firmly founded by zero experience in this field!). I have a limited company already so hoping I can get something like this to work otherwise I will end up with a 75% LTV property without being able to claim the interest element The directors loan part was just
  3. Hello Dean, Sorry to jump in after the reams and reams of requests but could I too get the information forwarded? I hope all is going well with the limited company. All the best Ash
  4. Hi, Sorry if this has been covered already or indeed if this is a daft questions but I wanted to know whether I can transfer a property into my limited company AND have it treated as a directors loan (ie. I transfer the property valued at £200K and the company agrees to repay me £200K from directors loan account)? Any help is greatly appreciated. Best Wishes Ash
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