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  1. Hi Henrik, I didn't go for it in the end as not sure what will happen in the next few months. I was talking to Elite Realty Invest. Regards,
  2. Hi Henrik, I have just found this thread researching the Baltic Triangle. I have just been offered an apartment at Baltic View its one of the last ones in the development. Haven't viewed it personally yet but will try and view it soon as I am able to. Have you secured a mortgage yet? Do you have any ideas of rental prices in the development (mine is a one bed)? I was told completion will be July/August. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
  3. Hi I am looking to buy my first BTL in Liverpool and I am looking at a development in the Baltic Triangle does anyone have any information on the area or already bought in the BT?? Any ideas on the rental price on a one bed 4th floor apartment? Also does anyone have any experience of Elite Realty Invest? Thanks!
  4. I asked for recommendations for good property management platforms on April 3rd on the PH forum but had no replies. I also looked at Lendlord but was unsure of its value so good to hear it is working for you. I am using spreadsheets to manage 4 properties currently but as the portfolio grows would like to look at a moving to a management platform so would be interested to hear landlords experience of using platforms.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for a landlord property management software platform for a small-medium sized portfolio? Thanks.
  6. Hi Lucy, There are some good apts in the L3 business district which I think are great for capital growth. Liverpool is a hot spot right now so I think will be good its early days but fast forward a few years and I think it will be good investment! Good Luck Lucy!
  7. I agree there is a lot of stuff on there that is also out of date.I have reached out today and have made progress. But as you say a lot of stuff isn’t relevant and it is hard work trawling through it! Good Luck!
  8. Hi Richard, Thanks for your honest opinion and no shock to me I was getting the vibes it is not for me for the reasons you mention. However I am struggling to find nearly new or old stock in city centre Liverpool L1 or L2. Any advice?
  9. Does anyone have any top tips for sourcing city centre apartments in Liverpool that are not off plan? I have tried Rightmove, Zoopla and others.Have called a number of agents and have called a property developer today who started a hard sell! would appreciate any advice ? Tips? Or any local knowledge ?
  10. Thanks for your replies this has helped ! Great article.
  11. Does anyone have experience have this? Is this common with new builds/developments/conversions? I was in the process of buying 2 apartments and had to walk away as the lender would not lend on the development due to the doubling rent cause in the lease. It was a red flag for me. I want to look at other apartments but wanted to know if this is usual with new build blocks?? I wasted time and money on this so I want to make sure next time I know before I even put in an offer. Any advice appreciated.
  12. Thanks Craig yes Openrent was the one I was looking at good to hear a positive experience as you say nothing to lose and a lot cheaper than using a high street agent. I ll give it a try!
  13. Letting 2 flats on a let only basis
  14. Does anyone have any experience of using an online agent? I am tempted to use one to market 2 flats but would like to hear if anyone has experience or could recommend one.
  15. Thanks haf1963 good to know that we are going in the right direction..