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  1. Thanks Tony I am going to spend a couple of days going round the local agents and also view a few of the properties so give myself an idea of what you are getting for your money, not rushing into anything and appreciate all advice being offered on here.
  2. Thanks for your reply, can i just check something with you please What do you mean by "avoid licensing areas"? I am presuming this is something to do with the local council
  3. Have spent a few good hours reading through various posts and would appreciate any advice from anyone who has used a broker/company for a Bridging Loan and would recommend them. I am hoping to use cash and a bridging loan for my first project and have in mind a BTS with a general refurb required, hopefully reasonably straightforward as my first project and would be aiming for a quick turn round rather than holding out for maximum ROI. My way of thinking is to achieve this and prove to myself it can work will give me the experience and confidence to plan a longer term strategy Th
  4. Am looking at a first time investment and want to start with a low cost cash purchase to flip, minimise the risk and allow me to see how i go with my first project I am North West based anyway and seems that the Burnley and surrounding area offers the lowest purchase prices, any advice or recommendations, i will be using trade to the refurb (i'm useless at DIY) so want to be local to oversee the progress and be actively involved without doing the work Thanks in advance
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