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  1. I've sent you the email. Have you got it?
  2. Whenever I try to open links mentioned in the propertyhub magazine, very often, I end up with smiling Rob&Rob. In August 2019 magazine they mentioned Propertyhub.net/services/mortgages in the article and when I tried to open up the link his website (as well as many others) seems be taken off. The same story is with podcast show notes. Am I going mad here or is PropertyHub taking off their websites before they're even released? Perhaps I don't know where to look?
  3. Thanks a lot for a response. emails were sent
  4. I'm looking for a mortgage broker in East Anglia (Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bury St Edmunds, etc) who will help me with limited company BTL mortgages. Any recommendations? Thanks
  5. Yep, I've got similar question. WOuld be good if someone shared a bit of knowledge here.
  6. Thanks! Conrad, budget of £800-1100pcm, I'm considering rather outskirts and quiet neighborhood. I will check your suggested locations then!
  7. Thank you for prompt reply. I will take a precaution and speak with local authority for sure. I was just wondering if any of forum members have some ideas or thoughts about it. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm considering purchasing a residential property with the garage (semi-detached or detached). The garage is crucial here because I would like to open a business in the garage (car repairs, garage). Perhaps extending the garage by sacrificing bigger portion of the garden to have more space. I'm thinking about having LTD company for my business and renting the garage space for commercial purposes from myself. I'm not sure whether this is possible... Hopefully you might bring some light into this topic. Thanks!
  9. Hi there! I currently live in the south of UK but recently I've got a attractive job offer between Sheffield/Doncaster area. I would like to ask you about the areas to avoid and areas to look for when it comes to my own accommodation. Yes, my own, not BTL areas. So could you please give me an advice on: The safest, most convenient, 'good neighborhood' areas/zones to live in Sheffield/Doncaster. The worst, the ugliest, dodgy places to avoid in both of these cities. Where the local authority estate is located and where the 'upper class' reside? Again I mean the place for my own where I could possibly rent a house or buy it myself. I'm not familiar Sheffield/Doncaster topography and It would be a blindly guessing for me. Cheers!
  10. Hi Hubers! I'm not sure about the right sub-forum for this topic so please move it if it suits better other place. As per topic, one of the investors (I know them in person) have LTD company which is now finishing the HMO investment. The building is pretty much finished and now I would like to lend them funds for furniture and equipment at given interest rate. How should I secure myself? What are the key points to cover by agreement? What happens if during the loan agreement their LTD company gets busted? What are the chances of getting the funds back? I appreciate your advice!
  11. Hi Hubers, It was brought to my attention that banks are not so keen on giving mortgages on new developments unless they are built using run of the mill bricks or most of conventional building methods in UK. If you wish to build a house with use of concrete or blocks (picture below) you may find a resistance from banks on issuing the loan. Has anyone come across it?